Recommendations for babies with eating problems

Recommendations for babies with eating problems

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Parents often have problems in feeding their babies. It's not that hard to make it easier for babies to eat.
Babies don't prefer new dishes

Babies don't want to taste the food they meet for the first time. To start introducing your baby to new dishes, try starting with small portions.

Babies can swing their food

Your baby is spreading food all the time and may even stay inside the food. This can be said to be one of your baby's first efforts to take control. The most accurate action that can be taken in this process is to be patient, albeit difficult.

Spitting food, vomiting and baby reflux

It is normal behavior for babies to spit and even vomit while eating. Reflux, which can be seen in infants, can also cause similar problems. If your baby has problems like this, try eating more slowly.

May not want to eat

If your baby is tired, the patient may or may not want to eat toxins. This reaction will usually turn by turning his head from the food or pushing it with his hand. Forcibly feeding your baby will not be a solution. If this happens frequently, consult your doctor.
Attention to food allergies

8% of infants may have allergic reactions to food. Rashes, itching and sudden abdominal pain that manifests itself suddenly may be the reaction of your baby to allergies. If your child has these symptoms, you should talk to your doctor.
Do not feed directly from the jar

Of course, baby food sold in jars is not harmful to your baby's health. However, feeding your baby directly from the jar can cause digestive problems.

Keep your baby away from fast food

Some parents may consume a lot of fast food. However, they should definitely keep these habits away from their babies. Feeding these foods to young children, which can be considered as infants, may cause serious nutrition problems in the future.

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