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Natural parenting

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Natural parenting Attachment Parenting born in America in its original language, a current followers are increasing day by day in Turkey. Parents who believe that they know their babies best, not books or experts, who allow their babies to experience their feelings and who aim to meet what they really need at that time, are increasing in our country. Psychologist Selcen Akdansays about this approach, which has been adopted more in recent years:

“Today, raising children is an issue that parents care about. Mevla'a pasture of the ancients left behind the pasture is left behind. This is a very nice development, but sometimes I wonder if the parents fall a little too much on their children. For example, behaviors like doing the things that the child can do according to his age, making him put into a ready life without any difficulty and effort, not being able to bear the crying of the child and keeping him silent somehow make me think of them… ”

Selcen Akdan has very good findings in this regard. See what he says:

Aç Let's turn on the crying behavior. Crying is a very natural and comforting action, but we are not raised in this way, although we think there is a need to cry, we see a person who cries, our first reaction is to comfort him, to produce solutions, to distract his mind is to try to silence. Especially if we have a child that we value more than our lives. Why does a child cry? Because it hurts, because it has a need, to express his sadness when there is nothing he wants, to be afraid, to relax when exposed to stress and to throw away the negative emotions in it. So, what do we do when we see a crying child? If the reason is not physical needs such as hunger or sleep, we will distract you or shut up, you cry, go cry in your room, we will react as if you don't want to see you. So we deprive him of the comfort of crying. In both behaviors, we reject the child's emotions and do not allow the sadness to emerge.

In this book Aletha Solter Conscious Baby, people who are not allowed to cry in their childhood cannot tolerate the crying of their children when they are parents and try to silence them somehow. However, the child needs a parent who will not shut him up but let him cry with confidence. Imagine a child, sincere crying, her mother pressed her breast instead of trying to silence him, let him cry. He just says, “I'm here, darling mesaj to the child that he is with him. He doesn't ask why you're crying, he doesn't panic, he doesn't try to get his attention with all sorts of toys, he admits that his child can have stressful times as well as happy times and let him relax crying. ”

Natural parenting is a very broad subject, but it certainly deserves attention and investigation. There are many publications on this subject. Recommended for those who are curious:

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