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Postnatal Neonatal Screening Tests

Postnatal Neonatal Screening Tests

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One baby It is possible to recognize some problems, disabilities and anomalies in the baby until the birth with the doctor checks that started when the mother falls into the womb. However, there are also anomalies that cannot be noticed during this period and that have emerged after birth. Dogan Hospital Pediatric Specialist Uz. Dr. Contact özlem directly Early detection of neonatal screening tests for childhood diseases.

A baby womb starting when it falls doctor checks It is not difficult to recognize some problems, injuries, anomalies in the baby until birth. There are various diagnostic methods for these. Ultrasonography, some hormone tests performed to the mother, and if necessary, a special test called “amniocentesis alınarak which is taken by taking the sample from the water surrounding the baby, can detect some chromosomal abnormalities, organ anomalies and some functional problems beforehand. If necessary, it is also possible to terminate pregnancy based on them. Dr. Karahasanoğlu, "there are some disorders in which some substances in the body more or less, there may be errors in synthesis," he continues: "In these cases, the baby is born in a very normal way. There is no abnormality in the examination. However, after a few months, the results will occur. Most of these diseases can damage the brain and cause mental retardation and problems. It is possible that some of these diseases, which do not show any signs at birth or before birth, can be prevented by some methods if they can be diagnosed in the early period. ”

This type diseases newborn screening tests based on predetermination. The two most commonly screened diseases in the world are phenylketonuria and hypothyroidism. If these two diseases can be detected in the first weeks of life, the consequences can be prevented. Dr. Dr. Karahasanoğlu gives the following information about diseases: “In congenital hypothyroidism, the thyroid gland cannot make enough hormones and in phenylketonuria, there is an increased blood phenylalanine level. The results are excellent if both conditions can be detected without damaging the brain. In congenital hypothyroidism, oral medications are started immediately, and in phenylketonuria, other foods are cut and given special foods that do not contain phenylalanine, brain damage is prevented and the baby leads a normal life. ”

There are centers all over the world that perform these screening tests. For these tests, the method called uth Guthrie ada is used for sample collection. Preferably 3-4 after birth. days, the blood sample taken from the heel is impregnated with a special blotting paper and sent to the headquarters.

Dr. Blood sample if possible 3-4. tavsiye Blood samples taken too early may have errors. In the same way, blood samples hanging after the 7th day may be wrong. If the baby is referred to another place of birth, it should be notified to the other center whether the blood sample has been collected. Karşı

It is a fact that some families do not feel very warm about this test and find it unnecessary. Since this test is known as Test Intelligence Test arasında among people, there is an approach like ”What is needed?.. Dr. Karahasanoğlu warns the families: “It is necessary to tell the families very well; this test is not a test to measure intelligence. These tests provide early recognition of two very important diseases that may cause many problems in the future, including mental retardation. If these two diseases can be detected in the first weeks of life, they can be prevented. It is not possible to detect both diseases by prenatal tests. If they are not detected early, these two diseases cause brain damage. Once brain damage occurs, no return is possible. ”

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