Types of birth: normal birth or caesarean section?

Types of birth: normal birth or caesarean section?

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The question ne How should birth take place? ”Is wrong to say“ The mother decides ”or doktor The doctor should definitely decide on this issue”. Memorial Hospital Obstetrics and Gynecology Department Op. Dr. Banu Göker Özdemir gave information about the methods of birth and who should make the final decision.

Who should make the final decision on the mode of delivery?

The most worrying and confusing situation of the mothers during pregnancy is the issue of how the birth will take place. Especially, the fact that mothers are able to access more information easily on platforms such as the internet makes this question even more difficult to answer. However, the most important issue in this information density is to obtain sufficient and accurate information. Both types of birth have their own pros and cons. Normal birth, which is a purely physiological route, should be preferred, but these pros and cons should be evaluated on a medical basis.

There is no legal regulation in our country. Therefore, the duty of our obstetricians is to determine which medical method is most appropriate for the patient, to explain the benefits and risks to the patient and the baby, and finally to decide.

What should the doctor do if the mother wants a caesarean section even though the doctor recommends a normal birth?

In fact, this is a topic that has been debated all over the world in recent years. Elective caesarean section, that is, if there is no medical necessity, the cesarean section is performed according to the wish of the mother. However, nowadays, we see that mothers prefer to give birth by caesarean section because of fear of suffering, thinking that they are more comfortable and planning the time of delivery in advance.

In this study, in the UK and other European countries, physicians were asked to ask questions in the form of questionnaires, and most of the obstetricians were reported to be willing to perform caesarean section according to the wish of the mother. This situation is not different in our country and is even one of the biggest reasons for the increase in cesarean rates.
Did you do a normal cesarean birth?

Normal delivery should be recommended when there is no danger to the mother or the baby. 'Did you do a normal cesarean birth?' has been one of the most debated issues in both the scientific community and the media. First of all, the obstetrician who is aiming at a healthy mother and newborn baby should decide on the most appropriate way of delivery according to the professional responsibility, knowledge and experience and transfer this to the patient and their relatives with their pros and cons. As a result, cesarean section is a surgical operation and the disadvantages of unnecessary operation should be explained to the patient and decided.

What's the latest in the world?

Before the 1970s, the caesarean section rate was between 3-5% worldwide, but today it is around 20%. The figures vary according to developed and developing countries. For example, in Italy today, caesarean section rate is around 35%, while the highest caesarean section rates are in Argentina, Brazil and other Latin American countries, while the lowest rates are in African countries. In the United States, this rate has increased to 24-25%, but has been reduced to 20% with the introduction of programs aimed at reducing cesarean rates. The rates of cesarean delivery in the USA and European countries are lower and the programs implemented have an impact. The latest situation in our country varies due to the current health system. The figures in state hospitals, university hospitals and private hospitals vary.

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