Concern about “competence” of working mothers

Concern about “competence” of working mothers

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Dogruer said that babies move with the emotions of mothers for a very long time. The fact that the mother leaves the house safely makes the process easier for both the mother and the caregiver. ”

When the baby comes to the world, big changes occur in the mother's life. Mothers who want to take the best care of their babies who need the presence of the mother for a long time in order to survive, fall into a confusion with the reality of great responsibility both physically and emotionally. The most compelling process for the mother begins with the time to return to work. Necmiye Doğruer, Psychological Counselor at Anadolu Medical Center, guides new mothers to survive this process painlessly.

The mother's feelings affect the baby's behavior
Right for the baby and the mother can be challenging for the first time in the process of returning to the mother who said that the locomotive is the mother again, "Babies move for a long time with the feeling of the mother carries. If the mother is anxious, the baby is also anxious. Based on this, it is of great importance for the mother to leave her baby with the caregiver at home after completing her postnatal leave and returning to work. ” Er If the mother can safely and comfortably leave the baby to the caregiver and entrust the baby to the caregiver, it will be easy for both sides to deal with this mandatory situation, Doğru says Doğruer. According the mother's conscience is the guilt for leaving her baby at home the most, pointing to the right to mothers who struggle with the concerns of sufficient mothers, the baby's connection with the baby's intense concerns about the weakening of the development and trauma will be interrupted, he says.

Being mentally physically at work at home threatens mental health
Necmiye Doğruer points out that the woman who has experienced the difficulties of starting work after childbirth has been questioned about how long it can stand in both mother and business roles. He said that the mental health of the clocks that have to be spent physically at home at work is the biggest threat to mental health. Için For the working mother who is stuck between the feeling of division and her vital roles, there is an idealization shifting to perfectionism in both work and baby related issues ”.

Stay 'as far as possible' without questioning your qualification
The new mother and return to work in the complexity of the baby, home life routines and the responsibilities of the spouse to show a complete performance in the effort of the mother is extremely worn out the right, "Mothers should accept the conditions as a first instead of trying to be complete. It is best to stay at the kalmak as far as possible ”boundary rather than questioning its own competence. At this point, it is necessary to see the reality of their own conditions and accept the limits of their ability to calmly do. ”

Strong connection between mother and baby creates the starting point
Necmiye Doğruer said, sa Although the baby's relationship with the caregiver is very important, it can never replace the relationship with the mother. With the solid relationship established between the mother and the baby, the mother can also carry the baby in her mind when physically separated. With the help of a strong bond that is not physically together, the baby does not move away from the mother. This is the main issue and it is the starting point for a mother who is stuck to know it. The mother, who can leave her baby safely and physically at home while going to work, can experience this process without any difficulty. It can find solutions to difficulties and possible problems. ”

Fathers need to be involved
Necmiye Doğruer says that many mothers ignore the power and support of fathers in the process after the baby is born, and draws attention to the fact that every difficulty can be overcome as a family with the contribution of fathers in this difficult process. Noting that it is not meaningful for the woman to attempt everything about the baby by herself, Doğruer underlines that the woman should be willing to involve the father in this process.

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