How soon should the baby be washed?

How soon should the baby be washed?

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Measures should be taken against infection and fluid loss during seasonal changesIn summer, two issues should be considered in baby care. The first of these is increased fluid losses due to sweating with increasing air temperatures in infants. In this case, only babies in the first 6 months of breastfeeding can be breastfed more frequently to maintain their body temperature balance. In older infants, precautions can be taken by increasing fluid consumption. In infants fed with food, food should be prepared fresh and the remaining portion should be discarded after the baby is saturated. Water, buttermilk, yoghurt, freshly squeezed fruit juices and soups are very valuable foods for infants starting from 6 months of age. Yogurt should be prepared especially at home. At least one meal of the day must be soup. Adding a small amount of minced meat into the soup will increase protein intake.Make sure your baby gets enough vitamin DSince vitamin D levels are low in breast milk, infants should benefit more from the sun. The babies should be exposed to direct sunlight with their arms and legs open for 15-20 minutes a day, 09.00-10.00 in the morning and 16.30-18.00 in the afternoon, considering that their skin is sensitive.Choose your baby's clothes from cotton fabricsSince the skin structure of the babies is very sensitive and the skin contact with the outside world is the first time, clothes should be carefully selected. First of all, the products that are known and whose quality is not suspected should be selected. Garments made from fabrics with synthetic material should not be used. Silky texture, soft and 100% thin cotton clothes should be preferred. Comfortable clothing that will allow the baby to move freely and which will not leave any marks due to pressure on the skin should be selectedMoisten your baby's skinIn the summer months, infants should be washed with warm water every other day if there is no infection, except for vaccination days. If the baby is sweaty, the clothes should be replaced with new dry clothes, or if the baby is uncomfortable with frequent change of clothes, the sweat can be dried in a warm blow with a controlled dryer. Diaper rash creams should be used in the summer season, the cream should be fed to the skin and applied in an amount that does not leave a layer on the skin. Applying too much cream may clog the sweat gland ducts and cause skin discomfort. Other moisturizing and care creams should also be used in doses and should not contain alcohol or paraben.

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