Be careful not to tear the babies!

Be careful not to tear the babies!

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If your baby's eyes are constantly irrigated, each movement and every change in the body can be a sign of many ailments. Memorial Istanbul Hospital Op. Dr. Mustafa Temel gave information about the reasons and tears in babies.

Tear is not a simple liquid, water. It is generally composed of three layers and contains many substances that protect the eye. Tear production continues as long as we are awake. Because tears are vital for our corneal layer.

What tear does not cause health problems!
There are many diseases associated with the tear system. One of these is that the inferior tear canal is closed in infants. In this disease, it is not possible to open the valve at birth at the end of this channel. Tears that cannot pass through the canal first accumulate in the tear sac and then flow out of the eyelids, causing watering. In addition, after some time, especially when the tear sac is infected, burring occurs. Sometimes this infection can be so strong that it can spread around the eyes, head and even to the body.

How can it be treated?
The valve covering the end of the lower tear canal is actually very thin and delicate. Although it is closed at birth, it can be opened spontaneously within a few weeks or months. However, many babies may need treatment. The treatment is usually massage for congestion. Massage on the tear sac at least three to five times a day is sufficient to solve the problem in the majority of patients. If it doesn't open despite the effective massage, we need to perform a procedure called probing. Surgical knives and lasers are not used in this process. The valve opens easily with special, thin probes. In most cases it opens easily and at once. Of course, because the baby is in question, anesthesia is required to perform the procedure. However, this narcosis is superficial and short-term. In addition, narcosis requires fasting for 4-6 hours before the procedure and 2-3 hours after the procedure.

When is drug use necessary?
Apart from massage and probing, sometimes antibiotic drops and infrequently systemic antibiotics are required. These treatments are necessary when infection occurs. Antibiotic treatment is discontinued after infection.

What are the other factors of tear?
In addition, tears in children may have other important causes than tear duct problems. These include other types of obstruction in the tear drainage system, congenital glaucoma (congenital eye pressure elevation), various problems that may be related to the valve edges, foreign body, some corneal diseases, conjunctivitis, göz. Therefore, it is necessary not to underestimate the complaint of watery eyes, but to take it very seriously.

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