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Baby Weaning Stages

Baby Weaning Stages

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Breastfeeding is the greatest gift you can give to your baby. However, after a certain time you have to get this gift back. If the question eki What time? D German Children's Hospital Specialist for Child Health and Diseases Dicle Faith 'You should read the suggestions.

There is no right time to stop breastfeeding. Most importantly, it is the right time for the baby to be ready for breastfeeding and when you feel that the mother can cut breast milk. Usually babies 9-12. they do not prefer to leave before the month. It is recommended that infants receive breast milk for at least 1 year and that breastfeeding can be continued until the age of 2 un Keep in mind!

Please be patient !!!

It is natural that you feel sad, lonely, guilty or depressed during breastfeeding. Dr. Faith says about what you can do both for yourself and for your baby: alın Hold your baby more during this period and remember that breastfeeding is a step of growth. İn

There is another point to be considered about weaning. Breastfeeding should not be stopped suddenly, but slowly and acclimatically. Sudden interruption can be traumatic for the baby. Dr. Aç If there will be an important event in your child's life (such as moving out, starting a mother, starting a new caregiver), or if it is a disease-teething period, delay it for a while. Aç

Dr. The Tigris Faith lists some tips on weaning:

• Start by skipping breastfeeding once a day. Gradually reduce one meal-one meal, your baby will get used to it over time. As a nutrient you can give milked breast milk, formula milk or cow milk if you are older than 1 year.

• Shorten your breastfeeding time. Give age-appropriate supplementation after breastfeeding.

• Postpone breastfeeding and divert attention.

• If you are more than 1 year old, you can put restrictions on where and when you breastfeed your baby: you can only suck in this seat and before sleep, or you can only suck after dark.

• During this period, fathers have a big job. It may be useful to feed your partner when you are not around.

• Night meals are always more difficult to cut. So stop breastfeeding last at night. When the night wakes up, your spouse or someone close to his lap and try to calm.

• If you have tried to stop breastfeeding and have not succeeded in any way, maybe it is not the right time for your baby to stop breastfeeding. Try again after a while.

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