Important advice to parents who raise a baby

Important advice to parents who raise a baby

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Saying that care and nutrition at an early age is the most fundamental point for children to be physically, mentally and spiritually healthy. Medical Park Göztepe Hospital Complex Child Health and Diseases Specialist Contact Yeşim directly:

First of all, be informed about the correct baby care. The development of each baby is not the same, do not compare with others. Do not insist on feeding; Follow the rule 3N-1N So you decide what, where and when to eat, but how much to eat! Most importantly, always approach her with love…

LEARN THE RIGHT BABY CARE: In order for our child to be physically, mentally and spiritually healthy, it is very important to care and feed at an early age. This responsibility rests entirely with the parents. If you want your baby to be a healthy child in the future, first learn about proper baby care.
THE BASIS OF HAPPY BABY LOVE: The mental state of the child at a first age reflects your mental state. If you are happy, your child will be happy and if you are angry, your child will be angry. Basic point in child care; that the parent or caregiver is friendly, relaxed and tolerant. You need to talk softly and sweetly with the child constantly. Sudden reactions will scare the child. It is necessary to be as cool as possible in the face of any situation that may develop.
DO NOT COMPARE WITH OTHER BABIES: The development of each baby is not the same. For example, while some babies start walking in the tenth month, some babies walk in the twelfth month. Or some babies start talking early, some babies talk later. Such developments may vary between infants. Therefore, it is wrong for parents to compare their babies with other babies.
DO NOT USE QUILT AND PILLOWS: In principle, you should not use duvets until one year of age and pillows until two years of age. The baby's bed should be hard and the bed linen stretched. It is necessary to cover the appropriate thickness to prevent it from getting cold; but this cover should be so heavy that the baby can push and open it with his foot.
COTTON CLOTHING: Babies' clothes should be 100 percent cotton fabric. Clothing other than synthetic, wool or cotton may cause irritation to the skin of babies.
LET THE NAKED STAY: There is no need to rush to dress shoes. It is unnecessary to dress shoes before the baby starts to walk. Stepping on the ground with bare feet helps strengthen the baby's foot muscles. Soft shoes should be preferred when you start walking. Suitable shoes; should be easily folded when folded from the tip of the foot to the middle. Hard soles are not suitable.
TAKE BATH IN THE EVENING: Taking a bath before going to bed in the evening relaxes the baby and makes him sleep peacefully. Bathroom; the baby should be done when hungry and after the bath care is completed, the baby should be fed and anesthetized.
THE FIRST SIX MONTHS ONLY THE MOTHER'S MILK: It should be our basic principle that breastfeeding should be continued until at least two years by passing only breast milk for the first six months and appropriate supplements after the sixth month. Unless there is a medical barrier, any mother can breastfeed. There is no special food to increase milk. Increases the milk; frequent breastfeeding, resting and self-confidence of the mother.
TRY NEW FOOD ON 3-4 DAYS: Our basic principle when switching to additional foods; 3-4 days, a new food to be fed to the baby, starting with the amount of a few teaspoons gradually increasing, and when a baby touches the food should be not to give that food. In particular, cow's milk, egg white, honey, sugar, salt, pods, eggplants and spices are unsuitable foods to be given at the first age. Apples, pears, carrots, potatoes, yogurt and rice are the first foods to be preferred when switching to additional foods. Foods should be given first in the form of watery, then pureed and finally rough. Foods should be crushed with a fork when delivering rough food. Never use a blender.
3N-1N RULES FOR NUTRITION: Forcing the baby to eat and stubbornness is also extremely wrong. Trying to force-feed can cause the baby to close his mouth tightly as soon as he sees the spoon. There is a 3N-1N rule in the first year's diet. In other words, the parent decides what to eat, WHERE to eat and when to eat, the child decides how much to eat.
CHOOSE SUIT TOY: When buying toys, the age limit must be taken into consideration. Because toys are designed for the mental development of children, as well as safety. At an early age, babies throw everything in their mouths. Therefore, giving a toy with small pieces to the baby in this age group may cause suffocation.
TELEVISION AUTOMATIC BELLOWS: Television has no place in the child's life. Watching television during this period; both delays the child's speech and encourages autism. For a child to talk, they need to see their lips and hear the sound. However, a child watching television; lips cannot see their movements, they only hear sound. Colorful images flow quickly, which fascinates the child. The child is locked to the screen, watching images without even blinking.
DON'T WATCH THE TELEVISION IF YOU WANT: It is wrong for mothers to sit the child in front of the television in order to have food or breathe a little. During this period, children should be kept away from television. In the following years, age-appropriate programs that do not include violence and sexuality can be watched for a certain period of time.

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