Your 25-month-old: Potty time

Your 25-month-old: Potty time

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Your 2-year-old now

Is it time to potty? Most 2-year-olds can't stay dry all day and all night, but many are ready to begin the potty training process. Once you get under way, watch for these signs she's making progress:

  • Willingness to use the potty when asked or on her own, even if she sits on it without any results.
  • Being able to tell you when she needs to use the potty. (Unfortunately, she sometimes won't notice until just a second or two before she wets.)
  • Having longer periods of dryness in the day and waking up from a nap dry.

The hardest part about potty training is to not push your child too hard, a tactic that almost always backfires. Praise successes and don't make a big issue out of accidents. Don't start on night-time training until after she can make it through the day without any slipups.

Your life now

It's a good time to begin allowing your preschooler to make some of her own choices. Being involved in decisions inspires better cooperation and gives your preschooler some sense of control in a world where, let's face it, she doesn't have a whole lot of say.

Some ground rules: Don't offer a choice in situations where your child really has no choice. For example, before going to the park, don't ask whether she wants to put a shirt on; instead, ask whether she wants to wear her blue shirt or her red one. At naptime, don't ask whether she wants to nap or play. And limit her options to just two or three. You know how overwhelming it can feel even for a grown-up to choose from 31 flavors of ice cream!

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