Set up a simple home gym

Set up a simple home gym

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Creating a home gym is easier than you might think. And if you're pregnant or have a new baby, having some basic fitness gear at your fingertips can be a lifesaver when you've got only a few minutes to fit in a workout. With a few smart purchases, you can be well on your way to sweating from the comfort of your living room. From dumbbells to a balance ball, these gym staples can help you stretch, tone, and strengthen for a healthier body.

Not sure where to begin once your gym equipment arrives? Find out which exercises are best during pregnancy and which are best postpartum.

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  • Yoga mat and accessories

    Sivan 6 Piece Yoga Set

    Practicing yoga during pregnancy and postpartum is a great thing to do for yourself, and the poses can be easily adapted to your changing body. This six-piece set will serve you well, with a yoga mat, two yoga blocks, towels in two sizes, and a yoga strap. When you're ready for Sun Salutations, search thousands of online videos to find a series that's safe for your body.

    Available at QVC starting at $39.99

  • Easy-grip Dumbbells

    Spri Deluxe Vinyl Dumbbells

    In case you're wondering, it is safe to lift weights when you're pregnant. And even just one pair of dumbbells in your home workout routine can be a game-changer, pregnancy or no. Use them while walking, doing lunges, and for curling. All the handheld weights in this style are shipped in pairs and are vinyl-coated for a comfortable grip and no-scratch storage. These dumbbells come in several weights, from 1 to 20 pounds.

    Available at Spri starting at $10.98

  • Easy-grip Kettleball

    CanDo Kettlebell Iron Weights with Vinyl Coating

    Weight training is one of the best forms of exercise you can do, period. The kettlebell allows you to isolate muscles and tone and strengthen them – all without leaving your house. This cast-iron version is coated in vinyl, so it won't scratch your floors. It also comes in five different weights, ranging from 5 to 25 pounds.

    Available at Amazon starting at $25.43

  • Heavy-duty Resistance Band

    Spri Original Xertube

    When you want to target muscles through a full range of motion, exercise bands are your go-to. The heavy-duty tubing comes in five resistance strengths, making it a great home gym accessory no matter your fitness level. It stores more easily than free weights and is arguably more versatile. Plus, you can find lots of tutorials online, particularly for moms-to-be (just be sure to follow safe exercise guidelines while pregnant).

    Available at Spri starting at $14.98

  • Multipurpose Exercise Ball

    Gaiam Balance Ball

    This multipurpose gym accessory (known as a balance ball, exercise ball, or yoga ball) can be used in a surprising number of ways. It can help you strengthen your pelvic floor, your abs, and your back muscles – all important before labor and delivery, and during postpartum months, too. It's also a great prop to ease pain during labor. And once your little one arrives, you can soothe your fussy baby by bouncing or rocking back and forth together on the ball.

    Available at Gaiam starting at $19.98

  • Stationary Exercise Bike

    SuperFit Stationary Exercise Bike

    If you're able to splurge, a stationary bike can take your home gym – and your heart rate – to the next level. Cycling is one of the best cardiovascular exercises for pregnant and postpartum women because it supports your weight and is easy on the joints. This flywheel model is compact yet sturdy. The seat and handlebar heights are adjustable, as is the resistance level. It also has a holder for your phone.

    Available at Overstock starting at $646.99

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