Having your second, third, or more? Here's what to register for

Having your second, third, or more? Here's what to register for

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Choosing items for your baby registry can take hours of research – especially for your first child. But what about when a second or third is on the way, and you already have the basics covered?

As a mom pregnant with baby number four, I can tell you that my second registry looked drastically different than my first -- because taking care of a toddler and a newborn at the same time is a whole different ball game. My focus suddenly shifted from a preoccupation with baby gear patterns and colors to figuring out how to keep at least one hand free at all times.

With that in mind, here are the baby registry items soon-to-be parents of two, three, or more should consider.

Baby carrier

Confession: We never used a carrier much with our first baby. Because I didn’t have any other kids to wrangle at the time, it just seemed like too much extra work to figure out how to use a carrier, get it adjusted, bring it with us, etc.

So we either carried our baby, or put him in a stroller, and it worked just fine. Enter: His little sister. And eventually another little sister. A carrier soothes clingy babies, and frees up your hands so you can keep your toddler safe and happy in public.

My personal favorite is the ErgoBaby 360 carrier

Car seat and/or travel system

Did you know car seats have expiration dates? They do! This one is particularly important if you have a larger age gap between your kiddos. Because we had our first three children pretty close together, we were able to use the same infant seat for all of them. By the time I was pregnant with number four, however, we’d hit the system’s expiration date – and had to spring for a new one.

We decided to get a travel system, because they make transitioning from the car to outdoors a breeze. Plus, you can still use the stroller long after the baby grows out of the car seat. Sealing the deal: travel systems are typically cheaper than buying an infant car seat and a stroller separately: all-around win. So if you didn’t spring for one the first time around, I would definitely recommend adding a travel system to your baby registry.

We bought, and love, Graco’s FastAction Fold Click Connect Travel System

Nursing station supplies

If you’ve already breastfed a child before – and are planning on breastfeeding another little one – then you probably know how much of a time-suck (literally) it can be. Having everything you need in one spot (or two) can make things a lot easier.

Get a cute basket or container and fill it with your favorite snacks, bottles of water, nipple cream, breast pads, phone charger, burp cloth, a book, receiving blanket. If everything is in one spot, then (fingers crossed) you don’t have to get up a million times to collect the necessities. Plus, your older kiddos can just bring the entire basket to you if you happen to be nursing in a different area of the home away from your station.

Here are some of my favorite necessities:

Busy toys for older siblings

You might not be able to get away with including these on your actual registry, but new, fun, and preferably quiet toys for the older kids can be lifesavers during the first few weeks. When I was pregnant with my third child and due in April, the “Easter Bunny” brought a pair of tablets, on which I downloaded educational apps. That way they could learn their ABCs, color, and play matching games while I was stuck on the couch breastfeeding.

Other ideas, depending on older siblings’ ages: busy books, Legos, puzzles, magnetic tiles. Bonus: Make these a “gift” from the new baby to start the sibling relationship off on the right foot.

From experience, I know adding a second or third child to the family has a way of upping parents’ multitasking skills. With the help of these registry items, you can help ensure the transition goes as smoothly as possible. May the odds be ever in your favor.

Opinions expressed by parent contributors are their own.

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