5 travel systems under $200 that have everything you need

5 travel systems under $200 that have everything you need

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Travel systems, which come with an infant car seat and a stroller it fits into, are great for new parents, since they make getting around easier. But they can also be pricey, running into the $400, $500, even the $1,000-and-over range.

But there's no need to spend such lofty sums when there are plenty of more-reasonably priced travel systems out there. Here are 5 of our favorites that deliver 5-star performance and impressive value.

1. Evenflo Sibby

It's new on the market, so you may not have heard of it yet, and it's so outrageously beautiful that you may assume it's expensive. But for under $200 (well under, in some cases -- the purple model pictured above is on sale for $149 right now!), the Sibby looks and works great. It comes with the LiteMax infant car seat, highly rated by parents and narrow enough to be one of our 37 car seats that fit 3 across in most vehicles. And the Sibby stroller has a secret superpower too: a ride-along board that flips up when you don't need it, and down when you need to carry your new baby's older sibling -- or take it off entirely if you don't need it (yet!).

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2. Urbini Omni Plus

The Omni has a cool feature that makes parents love it -- the main stroller seat can be easily converted into a bassinet, so it's perfect for pushing around infants, if you'd rather leave the car seat in the car. The stroller seat can flip from rear-facing to street-facing too, to accommodate little riders who are sleepy, need attention, or want to look around. Some online reviews complain about the wheels, so if you live on rough terrain, you may want to keep looking. But for those who live close to smooth sidewalks, the Omni Plus is a great-looking bargain with cool features.

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3. Graco LiteRider

For every day solid performance, look no further than the LiteRider Click Connect Travel System, which is a shocking bargain at just $111. It comes with the SnugRide Click Connect car seat, arguably one of the most popular on the market, and the LiteRider stroller, a stroller so great that it was a 2017 Moms' Picks finalist for Best Lightweight Stroller. One caveats: maximum weight for the car seat tops out at 22 pounds, so if you expect or have a child on the large side, you may want to try another option. Otherwise, this is a well-working.

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4. Baby Trend Expedition Jogger

With two sets of back wheels and one wheel in front, jogging strollers tend to maneuver more easily than strollers with four sets, so if you live in a place where you have to do tight twists and turns, you may want to consider this kind of stroller -- with its giant air-filled wheels, it's great for bumpy rides, too. This travel system comes with the Flex-Loc car seat, a narrow seat that's one of the 37 car seats that fit 3-across in most vehicles, and the Expedition's stroller seat reclines flat, so you can safely put your baby in this stroller from birth.

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5. Safety 1st Smooth Ride

The Smooth Ride stroller's nice features are its agile wheels (which whip smoothly around tight corners, so consider this for city living), and its easy fold: pull one strap in the middle of your baby's stroller seat and the stroller collapses easily and stands by itself, ideal for those who have to keep their stroller in a closet or another small space. It comes with the onBoard35 LT, which is comfy and well-padded.

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