Teeny tiny potty seats for small bathrooms

Teeny tiny potty seats for small bathrooms

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Our bathroom is lovely, but small. Combine that with a stubborn potty trainer and things get cramped quick.

We don't have enough room to keep a small child's potty in the same room without it blocking something. Evie also has some lingering fears of going down the drain. It has something to do with almost losing a gummi bear down the tub drain once. Her fear of big toilets has stuck around. She even reminds herself when she's on the potty that she won't fall down the drain. Her tiny heinie needs support.

To that end we bought a small toilet seat to go over the chair and that's "worked," but we still need to be there to lift her onto the seat. It's just not something our independent little toddler can do by herself and I'd like to take away any barriers in the way of making this potty thing her own. Here's what I might try next.

  • Tiny Hiney Children's Round Closed Front Toilet Seat

    I like this potty chair because its sleek design blends in with the bathroom, takes zero extra space, and the top lid of the toilet has a magnetized closure. This would make it more challenging for my 1-year-old who loves to play in the toilet. This one is made for a 16.5 inch bowl – you'll want to check your bowl size before you purchase.

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  • OXO Tot 2-in-1 Potty Seat:

    This potty seat has a tri-fold design. When used as a potty seat the legs fold all the way out, then fold in too for easy travel. To use as a potty chair, lock the legs securely in place. There are also flexible flaps on both legs to hold a grocery-size bag in place for easy clean up. You can purchase specially designed bags with a pad or use a grocery bag, but I'd double up with the latter option.

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  • Nickelodeon Dora Explorer Deluxe Sound Potty Seat

    When we were shopping the other day my daughter was drawn, of course, to the big kid toilets that flash and make lots of sounds and of course take up lots of room in the bathroom. This seat seems like a nice compromise between what she wants and the space-saver we need. There is also a Sesame Street version for the same price.

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  • Gimars Nonslip Silicone Potty Seat

    This toddler potty seat caught my eye for a couple of reasons. It folds into an incredibly small pouch so it can be easily tucked into a purse or diaper bag. It has silicon pads to grip the toilet and a no-gap design so little bottoms aren't pinched. As difficult as it's been getting Evie to use the bathroom at home, I have rarely bothered with public toilets. Having something I can just keep in my purse will help us persist because potty training doesn't stop at home.

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Each of these seats only make a small footprint in the bathroom, but their advantages are great. I hope one of these will work your potty-training toddler. Remember, at some point every kid figures out how to go to the bathroom.

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