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Time to Change Age Bed 2

Time to Change Age Bed 2

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Ne When should I start laying my child in bed without borders? ”This question is one of the most frequently asked questions by many parents after a certain period. International Hospital Istanbul Pediatric Specialist Contact Şebnem directly child's bed and room conveys his views with the eyes of an expert.

: From what age can children go to bed alone in their rooms and beds?
Dr. Sebnem Ersoy: From the age of 2, children are ready to sleep alone in their own rooms and beds. Baby bed with border, guardrail up to age or in the cradle sleeping children no more borderless child cot They could go.

: What are the points to consider when choosing a child's bed?
Dr. Sebnem Ersoy: When preparing the child's bed, furniture materials should be painted with lead-free paint, rounded-edge designs with very sharp edges, and there should be no cracks or fractures in the wooden parts. The mattress of the cot should be firm, orthopedic and the mattress should be fully seated in the cot. The width between the mattress and the bed should not be less than 2 fingers.

: What should be the characteristics of the sheets and linens used?
Dr. Sebnem Ersoy: Bed linen and bed linen used should be selected from easy-to-clean, non-allergenic, natural material. Taking the child's taste into consideration when choosing colors and designs is encouraging for the child.

: Are there any points that parents should pay attention to during the first acclimation period of the child?
Dr. Sebnem Ersoy: When children are accustomed to this type of bed, it is necessary to take precautions against falling (initially pillows or chairs can be placed on the sides of the beds) considering that they can move during sleep, then these supports are removed.

: How should the room be?
Dr. Sebnem Ersoy: Lighting the room during sleep is also important. A child's fear of darkness can be overcome by a dim night light or by lightly lighting the corridor where the room is located. Having the door open makes the child feel that he / she can reach the parents and develops a sense of trust and thus sleeps more peacefully.

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