How should you teach your child love?

How should you teach your child love?

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What parents don't like their child? Every parent loves their child. However, not every child feels loved by their parents. DBE Institute of Behavioral Sciences Iletişim Communication is what caused these two different outcomes. The children of the parents who express their love, who perform activities in which the child will feel loved, and who are appreciated and approved, feel that they are loved. Öneril
Love is a person's sense of interest and commitment to a person, situation or object. The form of love reflected in behavior is to look with loving eyes, touch, kiss, say beautiful words, share time, give priority, think about it. We can speak of true love when this interest and commitment comes true despite the circumstances. It is easy to love beauty, good, resourceful, intelligent and talented. In cases where love is not given or cannot be given, there is a problem with the person or the conditions around him / her. The individual who develops healthy perspectives on these problems can learn and teach love.

How can love be taught to the child? In order for the child to learn to love, he must first feel and know that he is a child who was willingly born. Perceiving life with love and giving love is laid on this foundation. DBE Institute of Behavioral Sciences Department of Children and Young People yanıt The approach of the mother and father is important to meet the need for nutrition, love and trust in the first year. Breastfeeding nurtures it both physically and emotionally. In order to feel the love for the baby, it is ensured that the mother is with her calm and patient approach with her basic needs such as nutrition, sleep and cleaning, and that unlimited love is given with her voice tone and loving looks. The way to teach love to children is through loving parents who can give love.

Children Like Different
Although the language of love is common, children express their love needs in terms of behavior and words. They react to their separation from their parents, demanding to be together in all kinds of conditions and at the same time loving unconditionally. Parents begin to impose conditions and inadvertently start blocking their love. They condition love according to their children's behavior, personality structure, achievement status, physical characteristics and prevention of their own personal needs, communication skills, relationship conditions between spouses and the model of love they receive in their childhood. Parents teach their children love through the models of love they have learned. Adults who see a feature that they do not like in their spouse, who do not show the characteristics of success they define in their own way, who demand the most perfect even though they are successful, who can communicate criticism and judgmental, and who have material and spiritual problems also have problems in giving love.

Nasıl How can love between parents be transferred to the child?

For a child, his parents are very important. Feeling loved by his parents, the child feels valuable. The self-esteem of the child has high self-esteem and does not hesitate to try new things.
Children shape their future relationships according to the loving relationship model between parents. It affects the relationship, thought and belief systems in the family. Negative mutual feedback is therefore harmful. For this reason, parents should not use negative or degrading expressions or even negative jokes to the child, the other person in the presence or absence of the other. Da Spouses should not turn their children into therapists who will listen to their individual or familial conflict. Düzey The level of disagreement and debate is different in the child's perception. The child may perceive too much, traumatic, a little loud tone. The way of healthy communication is to understand the other person, not to accept what he says. Not being able to argue in front of the child, or just having conflicts of opinion in appropriate dimensions, requires advanced communication skills and thinking. When the morning gets up, the child will find himself in peace, trust and affection between parents who can say “good morning” and express their love to each other with their looks, behaviors and words. Minor conflicts within these conditions will also be tolerant for the child. ”

Yol Ways to teach love to the child

They can teach love by presenting their unconditional love with their gaze, words, behavior, sharing, showing them thinking. Şeyda Özğday says:

    The effect of spending time with children has been proven in research and it is known that healthy contact between the mother and her baby during the first days, weeks and months after birth reduces the personality and behavioral disorders of the child to a significant extent. Contact leads to a decrease in infant crying, an increase in the growth rate of the child and strengthening the mother's confidence. In cases where the mother should work, care must be taken to ensure that the person taking care of her child is in the same approach and communication.

    Özel The mom's special times cannot be tired of the evening and waiting for annoying things. There should be no giving up life, leaving the child to grow up, or giving the whole life to the child. A picnic can be organized to create special family times, visit close friends or relatives, visit museums, zoos for a comfortable and informative time, where all family members participate, where food is prepared together, where the destination is determined together, and before and after the meal. Nearby historical places can be visited, a park can be visited and sports can be done together. Being there for special and important events of the child, attending parent meetings and shows, being present during the report card days makes him feel valued and loved.

    When children come home after six or seven hours after they grow up and start going to school, they want to relax under the protection of the adult, share their days with mutual dialogue, and convey their joy and frustration. This support should be available by phone even if you are not at home. Children who do not have time, often have feelings of disapproval, often deeply resentment and worthlessness.

    Parents are not always generous in using words of love towards their children. In the chaos of life, they forget these beautiful words. Sometimes “they believe that children will be spoiled, sometimes they already know that we love themselves. The concept of sevin love your children ”is to make the children feel that we love them. Or which parent doesn't like his child? Every parent loves their child. However, not every child feels loved by their parents. It is communication that causes these two different consequences. Parents who express their affection, engage in activities that the child will feel loved, and appreciate and appreciate, feel that their children are loved. Children of parents who neglect to use the words of love or who do not spend time with their children and do not spend time with them cannot feel loved.

    Love is an important value. People with this value are willing to do valuable work and have the courage to do valuable work. Individuals who are deprived of love continue their lives in search of love. The most precious thing a parent will give to their child is love. The main duty of the parents towards the child; to make love feel and to teach love.

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