Everything you need to do on holiday with the child!

Everything you need to do on holiday with the child!

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Some families may have plans to go on holiday when the schools are on a semester break. Going on holiday with children is really a very difficult task. The preparation stage can even discourage people from going on vacation. But by reading this article you can make your holiday preparation in a planned way and have a pleasant time on holiday. Here are some suggestions…

What can you do?

- First make a list of everything you want to take with you. Keep this list on your refrigerator or in your home, easily accessible and make a note of everything you can think of without hesitation (it will not be a good holiday to realize that you forgot your baby's bottle or diaper on the first day of the holiday at 3am) .

- Choose a place to collect all your holiday goods in your home and collect all the items you plan to take here. Ask your child if there is anything special he wants to take with you and ask him to bring back what he wants to take to this point.

-The day before departure (if you plan to travel with your car)
place everything (except the food you take with you).

-Don't forget to check your tickets if you will not travel by car.

-Be careful to prepare a separate suitcase for your child. If your child is older than three years, take care to take two different clothes with you daily, and if you are under 3, take three or four clothes daily.

-If you are traveling with your car, keep a child seat in your car for your child's safety.

- If you are planning to take your child's pram or stroller, do not forget to take with you.

- Check the creams, medicines and other products you use for your child and yourself and make sure they are not missing.

Don't forget to take one or more of your child's favorite toys with you.

- Don't forget to buy some calming CDs and books for you and your child.

-Find the conditions of the hotel you will go and do not forget to arrange your belongings accordingly. Ok we are on winter days but some hotels have indoor pools. If you think that the hotel does not have an indoor pool, you can take your swimsuits, but your child may want to see the pool and spend time in the pool. We recommend that you do your preliminary research to avoid such things.

- Decide what you want to take with your child by talking with him. If you deal with your child in the beginning, you may have prevented a crisis in the holiday.

- Prepare something to take with your child to snack and drink when thirsty.


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