How should pregnant women be fed during the holiday?

How should pregnant women be fed during the holiday?

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How should pregnant women be fed during the holiday?

Hello, dear mothers, we are together with a different subject today, I hope my nutrition articles in months and months have been useful for you.

For pregnant women in the following daysnutrition alarm sound started. How to feed the mother candidates during the feast Wondering what to do, what to watch out for, what to eat, what not to eat.

Read the article for answers to all these questions! 🙂

What should pregnant women eat during the holidays?

I will make a few suggestions for a healthy diet and a peaceful holiday.

First of all a glass of water I want you to start with. Then pamper yourself with a nice breakfast.

Breakfast Suggestions for Bayram;

On the feast morning you can start the day with a normal breakfast. Breakfast includes cheese, olives, whole grain bread, plenty of green leafy vegetables, tomatoes and cucumbers. I breakfast has to do with happiness I prepared the following breakfast alternatives for you.

Alternative 1

Oat Morning 🙂

4 tablespoons oats

1 cup milk / yogurt

1 fruit + 2 whole walnuts

Alternative 2

Avakadolu Sabah 🙂

2 thin whole grain bread

Half of avocado

2 slices of feta cheese

You can crush avocado and white cheese with a fork and put it on your bread.

Alternative 3

Morning with Smoothie Bowl 🙂

Start your day with a breakfast prepared with seasonal fruits and yoghurt that will make you happy.

What we consume during meals during the day is very important. To balance blood sugar. In order to avoid any problems caused by empty energy sources such as baklava that we consume during the day, antioxidant and pulp intake need to increase.

That means; fruit and vegetables in this period should increase more.

It is difficult to reject the dessert which is a simple source of sugar during the feast, which only provides you with free energy, and to say no to the desserts that are served in the hospitality, but I suggest that you stay away from such desserts in order to avoid regret and not be upset.

Let's be aware of what we're consuming. Here are the calories of the desserts served during the holidays ...

To burn calories from two slices of baklavado housework for four hours nonstop need orskip the rope for an hour and a half

You can easily carry with you to avoid blood sugar fluctuations. you can consume a seasonal fruit as a snack. You can consume milk / yogurt / kefir beside the fruit.

As you know, we do not recommend coffee consumption during pregnancy due to its caffeine content. Black tea a flutter can cause and the problem of anemia It can trigger.

Carbonated drinks can cause blood pressure to play. I recommend you to stay away from sodas, tea and coffee, cola and similar drinks.

Especially if you are going on a journey during the feast, you should drink plenty of water in order to minimize the edema problem. In a day Drink 2.5-3 liters of water Try hard.

Fluid consumption also makes you; urinary tract infections, preterm labor, respiratory tract infections, constipation, diarrhea, such as protects from many problems.

Fluid intake during pregnancy is very important for both maternal and infant health. You can click to find out the most suitable fluids that can be consumed during pregnancy.

Milky Dessert Or Ice Cream Instead Of Baklava

Weight control during pregnancy is very important.

If you are wondering how many pounds you need to gain during pregnancy, you can visit our nutrition article during the first month of pregnancy.

During pregnancy excessive weight gain should be avoided, Ideal body weight should be maintained. For this reason, I recommend you to stay away from baklava, chocolate, cake and all kinds of sherbet desserts that are served during the holidays or if you are going on holiday.

This type of pregnancy simple sugar-containing foods can cause your blood sugar to rise too quickly will cause. In addition, this kind of food during pregnancy, gas, indigestion, nausea can cause problems such as.

Instead of such foods, you can prefer a milk dessert or 1-2 balls of bitter / plain ice cream made at home that will not tire your sweetened stomach.

I hope I was able to touch you with this article and be a medicine for all your questions.

Happy holidays 🙂

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