How Does Breast Milk Increase?

How Does Breast Milk Increase?

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3 Simple Rules for Breastfeeding

Nutrition and Diet Specialist and also Breastfeeding Consultant Beyza Uyan, She talked about 3 simple rules to increase breast milk for you!

Rule 1: Breastfeed your baby!
During lactation, the hormone prolactin provides milk production. The more you breastfeed your baby, the more demand it produces, the more milk it produces. Therefore, to increase breast milk, you should breastfeed your baby.

Rule 2: Believe in Your Milk!
Oxytocin, the second hormone of breastfeeding, is a slightly spoiled hormone. The psychological, stress state and negative thoughts of the mother are directly affected. Oxytocin, a state of happiness of love. Therefore

Rule 3: Consume plenty of liquid, quality nutrition!
The most important way to increase breast milk during breastfeeding is fluid consumption. Our most valuable liquid is our water. For this reason, we consume plenty of water during the day and support our liquid intake with rich sources such as kefir such as buttermilk such as milk in terms of both calcium and probiotic support.

If you are wondering how to feed during breastfeeding, click the link below:

Nutrition recommendations during breastfeeding: // www. / Breast-feeding-the-eras onerileri /

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