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6 Ways to Make Your Baby Smile!

6 Ways to Make Your Baby Smile!

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The greatest desire of every parent is to ensure that their child is happy and healthy. When your child is upset, you will be upset, and if your offspring is in place, you will be delighted.

Therefore, when you give birth to a baby, it becomes the focus of the whole family and everyone around you begins to strive for his happiness. Because your miniature, which you have avoided even from your eyes, has taken its place in the center of your life.

Your only desire is to see her face always laughing. When your child grows up, it is easier to entertain and make him happy as he becomes much more aware of himself and his environment as an individual.

If you have a small baby, ways to make your baby laugh you can make your little one happy by learning what they are and make him smother.

Methods to make babies laugh

Move Your Baby Too Small to Walk!

He can't talk or walk yet. Maybe it's not time for you to go to the park. So how do you entertain your mini?

Babies hopping very lovers. Even a toddler does not want to try new movements and tries to use his feet.

Even if you're sitting at home or outdoors, just a few moves will make your little puppy laugh.

Lay your puppy on your face, lift your body with your hands and support it from the bottom and let it fly in the air! Or hold your baby under the arms so that the bed is put on its feet or on your knees.

Jumping up to the air, similar to the spring movement, repeat the movement. As your pup goes up and down, he will feel him flying and jumping, choking in laughter. It would be very exciting for him to be hopped in this way.

Gestures of Babies

Cheer Him Up by Imitating!

Everything for the little ones is new and intriguing. Discovering things they don't know makes them happy. By turning this into an advantage, you can prepare a mini-show with lots of laughs for your baby!

When your puppy gets cranky, starts crying or spends time with her play games When you want to bring him.

If it lies, you can get in front of it and move your face closer to your baby and stay at a distance where it can follow your gestures. Surprise him by making various imitations.

Smiley face, confused face, sulky face mimic games such as cat, dog, bird and various animal imitations such as you can diversify your show, you can entertain your baby by attracting attention.

As you shape your face from shape to shape, you will see that he watches you attentively and chuckles as you follow your every move.

Try Tapping and Laughing with Massage!

Babies' skin is very delicate and sensitive. So they can feel every touch and touch.

The tickling action is the first solution that comes to your mind as the most practical laughter at this stage.

Lay your mini on a flat surface, lean on it and start tickling from various parts of your body, especially under the arms and belly!

According to his reactions to his body in which areas more affected by the small areas of concentration tickle movements continue.

You can also try a little massage as well as tickling to relax and relax your body, especially before your pup goes to sleep.

For babies with digestive and gas problems this massage will be helpful in relieving the gas problem by providing relaxation as well as entertainment.

6 ways to prevent gas pains during pregnancy! You can see our video on the subject. Click the link below.

// www. / Gas-pains in pregnancy-the-line roll-6-way /

Put your baby on his back to raise his legs and make a pedaling movement. Open and close the right arm and left leg diagonally.

Apply the same movement to the opposite arm and leg to allow the arms and legs to stretch. Apply light pressure to rub your belly with your hand. Gently press under your feet with your thumb and strok. Do the same for his hands. Caress your little body, love it.

Make the babies laugh It's that easy! You can even repeat your movements more comfortably by using a massage oil during the massage.

Enjoy Water with Bath!

Playing with water is an event that almost every child loves. Therefore, it is not possible to easily remove a child from the bathtub in the bath time.

The same applies to infants. Mothers can panic with anxiety when washing their babies at first. However, when you learn to take a bath and gain practicality in washing, it is for both you and your baby. bathing hours are much more enjoyable It may return.

When your little kitten feels hot water in his body, he will relax and relax. He will be delighted as you walk around the water and slowly caress it with soap.

Putting little toys as a bath mate play with water and have fun help, so you can make your mini smiles on your face.

This activity, especially on hot days, can be a refreshing and refreshing happiness for your baby who suffers from heat.

Ce-Eee Game That Works For Every Baby!

A baby's first game is “ce-eee!! Young, old, no matter whether many people, when you see a baby in a place with his hands closed and open his face with ce-eee says and tries to make cute little laughs.

For this reason, this game was the first and unchanging game of childhood. It may seem like an unreasonable move for adults, but babies really love this game!

They make eye contact and follow the action of the other person, and in the end they are surprised and excited by hearing an unexpected ce-eee sound. When you know this opportunity and you are alone with your little one, close your face with your hands and suddenly open it and call out ce-eee.

Your puppy will answer you with lots of laughs.

Contact your baby face to face!

'He looks as if he understands!' and 'he listens to what I say!' If you say; yes you're right, babies realize that you're talking to them and they actually understand you in part.

Maybe not what you're saying, but they're watching you, feeling the underlying feelings of what you're trying to tell. They're trying to tell if you're upset, angry or happy.


You can make her smile easily by trying to communicate face-to-face with your little one. Watching your face, hearing your voice, to follow your mouth and eye movements will make your baby happy and smile. On the other hand, this communication will strengthen your connection with you.

Take your baby in front of you and look into your eyes and talk for a long time. Don't forget to smile and touch. You will feel that you understand what you say inside.

You too “how to make a baby laugh? Eniz If you are wondering, try these 6 items. When you see him bursting in laughter, you will be delighted!

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