Things to Consider When Choosing Baby Toys!

Things to Consider When Choosing Baby Toys!

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From the moment we learn that we are pregnant, we imagine and look forward to the day our baby will be born. Some of us couldn't resist and even started shopping from the first month.

We couldn't stand the baby shop windows and could go inside and get something like body, hospital exit, shampoo and diapers.

But most of us baby toys Excite. We know that the toy is of interest to every baby, but remember that not every toy is of interest to every baby.

The toy, like many mothers did, “I had a discount. Ald“ I couldn't resist what I should do. I just love the color. ”Or just because the mother herself liked it very much.

Why Choose the Right Toy?

No matter how high quality, educational, entertaining, versatile developmental features a toy is, it doesn't matter if your baby is not of interest or age-appropriate.

Every toy that doesn't appeal to your baby may not go beyond a new crowd added to the toy stack in the house. This crowd gives you psychologically It may sound very good.

Because, you give your child every opportunity and put it in front of him, you spend so much money to make him happy, but unconsciously bought baby toys can negatively affect his development!

Therefore babies toys selection There are very important issues to be aware of.

Considerations When Choosing Baby Toys

  • Baby toys with sharp edges and small pieces that can be swallowed can cause unwanted accidents if not selected in the correct age range. Especially magnetic toys are one of the dangers that we are not aware of at home.
  • It is a good idea not to choose latex toys like balloons. Balloons can cause children to suffocate. Not necessarily if you want to have a birthday party and hang balloons or if you saw somewhere and wanted to play; instead of depriving it, you can let it play with you in a controlled way. But after the game is over, absolutely eliminate the balloon.
  • Make sure the toy you bought doesn't have a long rope and cord. Your baby can strangle the cord around her neck.
  • The toys you choose should not be fragile. A toy with a broken corner without you noticing can cause cuts on your baby's skin. We should also keep in mind the possibility of swallowing the broken part.
  • Such as arsenic, cadmium, lead and mercury non-toxic, you should pay attention to choose toys made of quality materials. Just because a toy is so expensive doesn't mean it's healthy, it doesn't contain toxic substances.
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  • The difficulty level of the toy you choose should be appropriate for your baby's development. The toy must be neither too difficult nor too easy. A toy that pushes your baby too much can make her unhappy with a sense of failure and blunt the sense of struggle. After that “I can't do it anyway.” he always gives up. A toy well below its development will be both boring and will not contribute to your child.
  • It should be versatile. For example, will you choose a teether? Teether can only scratch your teeth, but a carefully selected teether can help your baby recognize sounds by both scratching their teeth and making different sounds, allowing them to recognize colors at the same time.
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  • The toy you buy should be a toy that can be used in different development areas as your child grows. So he can use a toy for a longer period of time and learn different skills from that product in different periods.
  • You should never label a toy as a girl's or boy's toy and teach the child that way. Baby boy can wear pink outfit and play with doll. Your daughter's favorite color is blue, which can be her favorite toy construction equipment.

You should choose baby toys that do not limit your imagination.

At what age which toy should be chosen?

Your baby's development needs at any age are different. One of the most important responsibilities you have as a parent is to closely monitor the development of your baby.

so cognitive, affective and psychomotor You can become aware of your development needs and choose toys with this awareness. Choosing the right toy in the right age range makes your baby happy and supports its development in many ways.

0-6 Months Baby Toys Selection

Babies of this age range can touch yes, but they can't pick up a toy and play. Although babies cannot play with toys during this period, they try to get to know the world by touching, hearing, following their eyes and mouths. The toys you choose must activate these senses.

The first toys a baby will have, of course teether and They are the rattle. Teether is now designed to accommodate both audio tracks and rattles. Such a teether would be a versatile toy for your baby.

Play carpets are a good option that supports the developmental features of this period. Touching objects on them Hard soft, Rough-smooth surfaces They know.

They also love to make noise by hitting the rustling pieces, bell-stuffed plush and rattles found in the play carpets.

0-6 months as a development feature of your baby in your mouth will take every object. You should therefore ensure that it does not contain rattle, teether, play mats and whatever parts can be easily swallowed.


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Game Rugs:

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Game carpet

6-12 Months Babies Toys Selection

Babies are more active during this period compared to 0-6 months. Babies, who started to crawl and gained their independence, now need more enthusiastic toys to hop, hit, roll, push, and wear.

You should support your motorized baby's mobility.

The 6-12 month old baby enjoys playing with the toys of the previous period. Because the second six months compared to the first six months will use that toy more actively.

The baby, who accidentally presses the button of the rattle and makes a sound, will knowingly press that button and make a sound. Thus, the first cause-effect relations will begin to remove.

Plastic and non-brittle flexible mirrors allow your baby to recognize his or her own face. Thus, your baby will be able to make facial expressions by controlling the muscles on his face and as a result of these facial expressions will be able to see their expressions.

The baby, who knows you're in control, success and trust will improve the feeling.

Baby toys with music, activity tables, teddy bear, singing books, which produce sound when pressing the keys, enhance the sense of curiosity.

It also allows the cognition of numbers, colors, shapes, objects to be recognized and pronounced by the content of the sounds it makes.

After all, this period language development is also a period in which it is important.

Your baby can find piece-to-whole relationship with find-and-go toys, one- or two-piece puzzles, large-piece building toys, and wooden blocks. Crawling toys and balls are indispensable of this period.

Baby Books:

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Puzzle for Toddlers:

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Wooden Blocks:

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Toys Selection of 1-3 Years Old Babies

As Long live now I am free! Iniz Your baby who learns to walk goes beyond walking in this age range and runs everywhere. Because there's so much to learn, jump, jump, push, push.

Now that he can reach the object he wants, he can discover new things at any moment. Your baby is not just physical; Emotional and cognitive development is also very fast.

So it is very important that you can choose baby toys that will support several of the rapid development features between 1-3 years old.

Top, kitchen sets that can play house, touch-feel books, building toys, sorting games, matching games, piece-to-whole relationship, a toy doll and a toy dolls that can establish the relationship is very interesting and supportive development for this period.

Plush Toys:

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3-6 Years Old Children's Toy Selection

Children in this age group are also very active and learn very fast, cognitively they can receive every given thing immediately. 3-6 is a period in which they can be aware of the existence of different languages ​​and even learn a new language.

He may be interested in audio toys that teach English words.

Besides, this age group has a tremendous to the imagination Have. House toys, play dough, building toys and wooden blocks that will revive their imagination are indispensable in this period.

To support psycho-motor skills and reinforce a sense of success, such as trampolines, bicycles and scooters. baby toys is also quite useful.

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