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Baby Boy and Girl Names in the Quran

Baby Boy and Girl Names in the Quran

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Baby Boy and Girl Names in the Quran

When you learn that you will have a baby, you start to wonder and think about many things.

How your pregnancy will pass, the health and development of your baby during pregnancy, your birth, the preparations you need to make, the decoration of the baby room, who your baby will look like when she is born, and most importantly the gender and name of your baby!

Especially whether the gender of girls or boys, you will have a baby from the first moment you receive news that has been the most curious issue with his father.

Search for the name of your baby's lifetime name will continue from the first months of pregnancy. Peer-to-peer consultation, research on the Internet, popular names and Nouns in the Qur'an It examined.

But the result is always ambivalent.

You will search for a beautiful name that will enter into your miniature until the gender is certain, which is pleasant to your ears and that your child can carry for life.

Having a religious tone and meaning to his child, Baby names in the Qur'an Families who want to choose from, focusing on the names of girls or boys in the Qur'an with the gender of their babies, can find both modern and unheard and unknown names.

For your baby the most beautiful names in the Qur'an Don't think about deciding what name to put on your little puppy!

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Baby Girl Names In The Quran

  • AHSEN: More beautiful, very beautiful and the most beautiful means.
  • AKAY: Full Moon.
  • PARTS: The farthest place.
  • AMIN to: It is the name of the mother of the prophet, credible, reliable.
  • AYŞIL: Brilliant like the moon.
  • AZRA: It is a name given to Mary. It means untouched, untouched sand.
  • Belinay: Cornflower in paradise.
  • BENAN: Person showing with finger. Doomsday and Enfal surah passes.
  • Bengi: Water that gives eternity, immortality.
  • Bere: Strong, strong, smart.
  • BERFİN: Made of snow, immaculate.
  • BERRA: Truthful, charitable.
  • BETÜL: Honest, clean woman.
  • BEYZA: White without sin.
  • I Bugle: The angel that heralds heaven.
  • Bukra: It means morning. Passes during the conquest.
  • ARRESTED: The news that brings happiness.
  • Jadida: Little known. It passes in the time of Israel.
  • CEYLİN: The door to heaven, the door to heaven.
  • EBRU: He loves goodness, he loves no.
  • ECRI's: God's gift.
  • EDA: Behavior, attitude. Passes during the baccarat.
  • ELİF: The first letter of the Arabic alphabet, slim and tall girl.
  • GOAL: Desired, expected.
  • ERVA: Clean, decent girl. Very beautiful, young.
  • A discovery to: Sorrowful, gum, worried. It passes during purgatory.
  • I ESLEM: Surrender to God.
  • ESMA: One of the beautiful names of Allah. Hearing, hearing.
  • FERDA: Will come tomorrow.
  • FERİHA: Reaching freshness. Repentance and Baccarat surah passes.
  • FIRDEVS: The most beautiful garden of heaven.
  • HALİDE: Endless.
  • HAZEN: Sadness, grief.
  • HÜMA: Felicity, happiness. State bird.
  • HÜSNA: Very beautiful and most beautiful.
  • İKRA: Read.
  • İMRAN: Staying connected to your house.
  • İREM: Garden that looks like heaven.
  • KADEM: Auspicious.
  • KEVSER: The name of a river in paradise.
  • KÜBRA: The big one.
  • Lamia: Glowing, shining.
  • Leyal: Night.
  • Luna: Date palm seedlings.
  • ANGEL: Messenger, messenger.
  • MELİKE: Woman monarch.
  • MERVE: A mountain in Mecca.
  • I MARY: Religious woman.
  • Müberra: Clean people. It passes during the time of Nur.
  • JOY: Joy.
  • NISA: Woman.
  • LIGHT: Bright, glitter.
  • Noah: Mind. Passes during Taha.
  • Rana: Nice to the eye.
  • BASIL: Nice smell.
  • SARE: Pure, pure, princess.
  • SELVA: Quail, bird.
  • SCHEMA: Sky, top.
  • Sena: Lightning flash.
  • SERRA: Width, comfort.
  • Sidra: One of the trees in heaven.
  • TUANA: The first raindrop falling to heaven.
  • TUBA: The most beautiful, the best. A tree of paradise with roots above and branches below.
  • From VİLDAN: Newborn child.
  • YEZR to: Multiply. It passes during the surah.
  • Yusra: The easy one.
  • ZEHRA: Rose-faced, bright-faced, floral.
  • ZELİHA: Water nymph.
  • ZÜLAL: Clear, pure, fresh, cold water.
  • ZÜLEYHA: The fairy is beautiful.
  • Zümra: Beautiful good moral smart knowledgeable woman.

Baby Boy Names In The Quran

  • OPENS: Brave, resourceful.
  • ADAM: Mankind. The first human being and the first prophet.
  • FAIR: Equal, equal, equal. Showing accuracy. Right. Just being fair. It means that Allah applies His commands properly.
  • AHLAS: Good-hearted, clean one, Pure, pure, without mixing.
  • AHMET: A commendable man.
  • ALI: Supreme, high, high.
  • PURGATORY: The place between heaven and hell.
  • ARDA: Scepter or commander scepter.
  • ASELA: It means honey.
  • ASIM: Honest. Without sin.
  • PERSEVERANCE: Big, big, strong.
  • MAINTENANCE: Always, ever.
  • BARAN: Rain.
  • WEST: Only one.
  • BERK: Robust, durable.
  • Burak: The name given to the name of the Prophet Muhammad Mirac'ta rides.
  • Cahid: The person who strives for something.
  • CELAL: Sublime.
  • CEMİLE: Beautiful.
  • JIHAD: Fight the enemy for the sake of religion.
  • DAVUTLAR: Dear, saint.
  • I EKREM: Generous.
  • SURE: Trusted person.
  • ENHR: One of the rivers in heaven.
  • ENS: Guardian.
  • Ayub: The patient.
  • EZEL: Past tense.
  • CONQUEROR: Conquered.
  • FETTAH: Superior.
  • FUAD: Heart.
  • FURKAN: Person showing the right way.
  • Halil: Loyal. Friend of Allah
  • I STATUS: Soft-tempered, calm, quiet.
  • HALİT: Endless.
  • HARUN: Bright.
  • IBRAHIM: Right.
  • İSHAK: Smiling, smoothie.
  • MAGNITUDE: Value, value, mighty person.
  • I KAI: Standing personality.
  • THE MOON: Moon.
  • KERİM: Great, generous.
  • MALIK: Who has something.
  • TEXT: Sturdy.
  • You MUH: He's good.
  • MUSTAFA: Distinguished person.
  • MURSEL: Sent people.
  • NAIM: Abundance is part of paradise.
  • NEBİ: Reporter.
  • NEHIR: Day.
  • The NEZ: Votive, wish.
  • RACI: Promising.
  • RAFET: Protect.
  • Rauf: It means captivity.
  • MESSENGER: Envoy.
  • RIDVAN: It means consent.
  • SAFA: It means being calm.
  • SAI: Person fasting.
  • Salih: Good morality.
  • SAMET: High.
  • SELIM: Sturdy.
  • Siraj: Light, light.
  • SOLOMON: It means peace and tranquility.
  • TAHA: Small window.
  • TARIQ: Morning Star.
  • FLOOD: Driving rain.
  • TUĞYAN: Enthusiasm, overflow, exuberance.
  • HORIZON: Understanding means understanding.
  • GUARDIAN: He's a dead man.
  • YAKUP: The following.
  • AGE: 'O human!' Means.
  • YENAL: The one who achieved his goal.
  • DOLPHIN: Constellation.
  • JOSEPH: Howling, crying.
  • The ZAH: Bright.
  • ZAHİT: The person who stayed away from the haram.

What name do you intend to name your baby?

Which of the above names is warmest to you?

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