Detox Before Pregnancy

Detox Before Pregnancy

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Before each mother decides to give birth to a baby
some of the ways to think about your own health and the health of your baby
make sacrifices and add new habits to your life.

Before pregnancy, there is a high chance of accumulation in your body and
is very important to be free from toxins. With your detox program
together, you can experience a healthy trouble-free pregnancy.

Detoxa, which you use in your daily life; drugs, smoking alcohol
You can start dropping your habits like. Because these substances in the body
toxic effects. Toxins, including liver, uterus and
can accumulate more in the intestines. Using herbal teas and nutrition
You can start the purification process by changing your habits.

Toxins love adipose tissues and liver. So
reducing the fat in your body, ie by losing weight, toxins collection area
reduce the

Environmental factors, stress factors such as egg quality
adversely affect. Pregnant women who want to have children but can not
The reason for not being able to stay is the low quality of the eggs.
To improve egg quality with detox program before pregnancy
It is possible. Detox program four months before planned pregnancy or IVF
it will be useful to start. The reason for this period is three months, the woman has
for the preparation of the eggs. In the three-month period, the eggs
current, nutritional habits and stress.
It is affected.

Recommended foods for Detox


Bee milk





Stay away








150 minutes a week as the easiest exercise
and not more than 240 minutes. This
It will be enough to carry fresh blood and oxygen to your ovaries. Again
accelerate blood flow to the uterus and ovaries
The way is to massage them through the abdomen. Massage after a while
starting four times a week is enough. Egg health closely
One of the most important factors of interest is hormones. Food additives
substances and stress adversely affect hormone balance. Even therefore
there is no ovulation and no pregnancy. Prevent hormone imbalance
To be able to pass the nutrition needs to be quite careful.

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