Are you ready to have a baby?

Are you ready to have a baby?

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Pregnancy is a truly special period that comes with the joy of the baby's first heartbeat and first kick; it is also very laborious! As the body prepares itself for the birth of a baby, changes in hormones lead to both physical and emotional changes. Elele Child and Family Psychological Counseling, Development and Training Center Psychologist and Special Education Specialist Bihter Mutlu Gencer offers suggestions to those who are prepared to become mothers.

Many physical changes occur during pregnancy. Nausea begins with the different workings of the sense of taste and smell. However, emotional ups and downs are seen as well as bodily changes and temperament changes occur. The question miy Will I be a good mother? Ise is a considerable concern for every prospective mother. B, hter Mutlu, bu These changes may vary from person to person, and may even be at different ends. While some women are quite happy and energetic, others have a feeling of constant fatigue. Some women are extremely happy with behaviors such as being placed on the bus and carrying packages, while others may feel helpless and powerless. How this process is going to be emotionally related has a direct relationship to the extent to which the mother and her partner are ready to have a baby, the physical changes and emotional ups and downs of this period. Nevertheless, it is very difficult to prepare emotionally for the baby while trying to cope with all these changes of pregnancy. ”

What do you mean, getting ready for the baby?

The answer to this question, Bihter Mutlu says: anım A counselor said, 'I always thought I was ready for the baby, and when I was born I realized that I wasn't ready at all; baby sleeps you say sleep, eat, eat, dress, hair and wear a ribbon, I would have thought, 'he said. Of course, activities such as reading books and attending seminars help to prepare the baby for the baby. However, one of the most useful things to do for mak getting ready for the baby ir is the communication of the spouses with the baby. ”

Preparing for the baby is usually perceived as changing a room for the baby, shopping for wallpaper, furniture choices, baby clothes, stroller. All of these are pleasurable and exciting preparations, but it is very important for the parents to make psychological preparations at the same time. Couples' expectations about the baby, the life that will change when the baby arrives, the new role definitions to be acquired, realistic conversations about the division of labor and responsibilities are often omitted. So what do you need to do for this? Bihter Mutlu answers the question: “Spouses can start by asking each other why they want to have children first. They can discuss whether they want this child for the same reasons. They can also talk about what image they have in mind when they say baby. Do they have the image of a baby in a highchair or a schoolboy? Sometimes, even when deciding to have a child in one of the spouses, plans for the child may have been in mind. A Should he ride, go to the ballet or play the piano? Which kind of school, then private school? Your other spouse may not have even thought of such a plan. What are spouses' methods of raising their children and the value judgments they want to make? The gap between this and the answers to such questions affects relationships during pregnancy and after the baby is born. Even if the answers are not exactly the same, the baby and child images in the minds of the prospective parents can reach a parallel situation with such communication. Thus, on a healthy and realistic platform, now 'same child' They can start to get excited and plan for. They will have taken the steps of establishing a healthy communication with their babies. ”

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