Drinking tea during pregnancy

Drinking tea during pregnancy

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Pregnant mother during the process of food and drink things, baby's
health and development should be careful to be regular. Today
It is known how important the tea and coffee occupies.

Excessive consumption of tea and coffee on women who are not pregnant
When consumed, this problem poses a health problem.
can double in pregnant women.

Pregnant women in this process, about food and drinks
too many question marks in their heads. Tea and coffee included
Excessive consumption of these drinks due to caffeine, the mother and her baby
can cause serious damage.

One of the biggest damages of drinking tea during pregnancy, the baby's mother
a part of the caffeine received by the candidate, through the placenta in his body
because of the development of the baby is experiencing difficulties such as developmental retardation.
Pregnant mothers during pregnancy, caffeine nutrients not exceed 200 mg
must. If more caffeine is taken than this amount, the baby's development process
it will create difficulties in the acquisition of the substances it needs so much.
One of the most important properties of caffeine is the absorption of iron in the body.
prevention of pregnancy, tea and coffee consumption during pregnancy
need to be.

The biggest reason black tea is harmful is the production stage of the tea.
Increasing the amount of caffeine in the tea withering at this stage
It is experienced.

Black to meet your daily fluid needs during pregnancy
Instead of tea and coffee, you can prefer plenty of water and herbal teas. Plant
teas will not harm you. But while drinking these teas
you should avoid. Because much of herbal tea consumed during pregnancy
with increased contractions, such as miscarriage and stillbirth
It can open. A certain amount of everything, as much as the body needs
It is beneficial.

Herbal teas in pregnancy

Linden linden drink during pregnancy, immunity
strengthens your system. The linden you drink during your pregnancy will
will protect against diseases such as colds. Lime edema solvent property
Thanks to the help of the edema in your body.

Chamomile tea
effect, helps you relax spiritually. Daisy if you have problems like insomnia
tea will be a good solution for this problem.

But remember, the main ingredient of drugs
And plants. Therefore, the plant to drink
teas should not exceed two cups daily.

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