Solutions for Sleep Problems in Children

Solutions for Sleep Problems in Children

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Most children have sleep problems at certain periods. It is a fact that mothers and fathers often seek help from experts! We are also for you this week sleep problems in children and solutions.

Average Sleep Needs by Age

For 12 months old babies: 13.5 hours
For children 2 years: 13 hours
For children 3 years: 12 hours
For children 5 years: 11 hours

But you should remember that these are only average values, which may vary for each child.

Difficulties in Transition to Sleep Stage in Children

- You can create a specific routine, such as dinner, games, bathing and bedtime…
- If you are having a different day than usual, you may need more time for your child to go to sleep, for example, you entertain your guests, just after you see them off. make your child sleep You should not wait, give him time for a while and direct him to go to sleep slowly.
- Try to create quiet environments, for example, mute the TV or turn it off completely.
During the sleep-stage you can play small games with her in the room or massage her.

Early Waking Problem in Children

-You can use thick curtains or blinds in your child's room. Such early morning sun does not disturb your child and your child may continue to sleep.
- Have toys in your child's room to play safely, your child can play with these toys after waking up and you or other family members can wait for the time of waking up by playing games on its own.

Night Waking Problem in Children

- Some kids might be waking up because they're hungry. Therefore, you should go to a new regulation of your child's diet and feed him or her shortly before bedtime instead of at night.
If your child is constantly shaking, singing, massaging you to sleep, your child will suddenly need them when he wakes up suddenly at night and will not be able to sleep on his own. So when you go to put your child to sleep, turn down the light and speak to him in a soft tone, which will calm him down and prevent him from needing extra things.

If He Never Looks Tired Before Sleep

-If your child doesn't look tired before sleeping, put him in bed and give him some books and toys to play in his bed.
- If he sleeps during the day, you can reduce the hours of sleep and make him need more night's sleep.
-You can make your child get tired by having different physical activities done during the day.
-You can reconsider the time of bed, perhaps a very early time for your child may have set a bedtime.

My child says Var There are monsters in the room..

Children's imagination It is quite spacious and you can tell that there are monsters in the room, so you do not want to go to the room. This may be a sign of feeling insecure or wanting to be interested. This situation can be seen in children who usually have a new sibling, starting school, ie moving to a new home. What can you do?

- Never mock or deny this situation.
- Establish a specific routine about bed time and be sure to follow this routine every day.
- If your child doesn't like darkness, get a low-light lamp for your child's room.
- If he doesn't want to be alone, promise him that you will check him every 5 or 10 minutes until he falls asleep and you must keep your promise.
- After your child goes to bed, be sure to be in a place close to him for a certain time.
-You can put soft and safe toys to accompany your child to bed.
- You can play very light music in your child's room.
- Never use your child's room as a punishment area, never make sentences for your child such as ın you are currently punished, go to your room çünkü because this kind of behavior can cause your child to fear his own room.
- You can advise your child to dream, for example, iz we're going to a picnic this weekend, maybe you can imagine what he's going to do there ”.
-Don't hesitate to show your love to your child, so he will feel safe and comfortable.

Even if you have followed these suggestions your child's sleep problemIf you have not found a solution, please consult your doctor as soon as possible. Your child may need medical or psychological help.

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