What is Pika Syndrome in Pregnancy?

What is Pika Syndrome in Pregnancy?

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During pregnancy, don't be afraid if you crush it with unusual substances such as charcoal, toothpaste, tile powder, chalk, unbaked rice-potato baking powder, starch, flour, clay, soap, mud, soil, cigarette ash, and don't be afraid. Excessive desire for some new foodstuffs is considered a normal symptom of pregnancy. This process usually disappears in the first 3 months of pregnancy, while some mothers can continue until further weeks of pregnancy.Yeditepe University Hospital Department of Nutrition and Diet Department Dyt. Derya Dincer Akin, during pregnancy, the mother provides important information about the changes in nutrition and warns against Pika Syndrome. Derya Dinçer Akın gives the information that the basic two functions are the protection of the baby developing organs in the first three months from toxic substances and the efforts to replace the missing substances in the body. Disgust from cigarette smoke and some odors (these odors contain various chemicals) are caused by protection from toxic substances. Chocolate melting is an example of removing iron deficiency in the blood. From the moment of pregnancy, the expectant mother's sense of taste and smell becomes sharp, and as a result, some foodstuffs become more attractive and become unable to tolerate even the smell of some foodstuffs that she used to easily consume. It is common for the expectant mothers who become smokers to become emez non-smokers lamaz as soon as the pregnancy begins. Abnormal substances such as cigarette ash may also be crushed and this is called İKA PIKA Syndrome. in medicine. Advanced pica disease is a psychiatric disorder and can be seen in any individual, including children. The pica that occurs in expectant mothers is, in most cases, considered as a precautionary measure taken by the body to provide the missing substances. Anemia is often detected in the examination and the need for eating these substances decreases as a result of treatment. Psychiatric evaluation may be necessary in case of ongoing pica despite the progression of pregnancy, ie 13 weeks, but this situation is very rare. Some expectant mothers may become anxious if they do not experience the condition called overexpression. The absence of a condition does not indicate that there is a problem in the baby and if you have a normal check your doctor does not exceed it does not matter at all.Asthering can result in excess weight gain, said Dyt. Derya Dinçer Akın, Sometimes the mother does not know which food she suffers, she eats something, then she eats something else, but she still cannot overcome the feeling of overcoming. In a sense, “junk food” can be termed as eating this situation may result in the mother's weight gain in the first trimester and the mother makes recommendations for the candidate, your dietitian or doctor's advice on the fish, milk, meat, eggs, such as disgusting you need to do is to find the foods that fit you and consume them. These foods should not be over-calorie. Sour and salty foods (such as lemonade, cheese, buttermilk, cucumber) are the foods that most mothers will love to eat during this period. overestimation of some foodstuffs and cooling off from others are considered as a normal symptom of early pregnancy. If you think that you and your baby cannot get enough nutrition, you should ask your dietician for help. Candidates should also be sensitive about this and should always consider the fact that the expectant mother has not only physical needs but also mental needs.

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