Is soup made from vegetable purees?

Is soup made from vegetable purees?

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In infants, the period of transition to supplementary food after breast milk is very important. Of course, young children cannot eat meals with sauces and salad dessert just like adults. Vegetable-weighted purees and soups should be fed to children for the intake of additional vitamins and minerals during the development of throat structures and grinding teeth. Of course, home food will be much more nutritious and healthier than giving food directly to children. However, if you still want to prepare it in the form of soup, you can crush vegetables and apply recipes for mother soup. How to make baby soup? In this process, you should take care that the vegetables you choose are in season. If you're just starting to soup, you should use soft and low-risk vegetables that can become easy puree. For example, carrots, potatoes and zucchini are preferred vegetables for baby soup. It is not recommended to use salt in the soup if your baby is under one year old. In addition, canned or processed products should not be used for the variety. Cooking time for your baby should also pay attention to cooking time. You should crush the vegetables after their own minute cooking. You should add a boiling time of at least 10 minutes to the cooking time after adding the water. In addition to pureed soups that you create with vegetables of your choice, recipes such as noodle soup, chicken and vegetable soups or soups with direct chicken and yoghurt soup can be given to babies. However, it is recommended to make noodle soup in chicken broth to increase the satisfying and nutritious properties for the baby. It is also healthy to prepare meals from olive oil dishes for later, and to create alternatives to baby food recipes with both chicken and minced options. Adding olive oil artichokes to your baby's puree is also important for its development. In addition to the large number of vitamins, calcium and potassium, as well as liver regeneration, the olive oil artichoke season should be included in your preferences.

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