Abortion in pregnancy

Abortion in pregnancy

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Abortions that occur before the 20th gestational week or before the baby reaches 500 grams are aborted. Abortion occurs after 20 weeks. Abortion may be required depending on the species. The remaining parts of the uterus should be destroyed by abortion and the health of the woman should be guaranteed. After this settlement, beta hcg hormone starts to be secreted. Pregnancy tests that you can find in pharmacies also determine whether you are pregnant by testing whether there is hcg hormone in your urine. Blood mismatch alone does not cause miscarriage, but if there is a blood mismatch in mothers who have abortion, blood treatment should be done after miscarriage or after abortion. this is called recurrent pregnancy loss. After repeated pregnancies, the chances of pregnancy leading to birth are 70%. The rate of abortion is 30% in the first 20 weeks. Abortions in this process are called early pregnancy losses. Abortion results from chromosomal problems; Sometimes, some diseases of the expectant mother can cause miscarriage. Approximately half of the miscarriages in first trimester pregnancies are caused by anembryonic pregnancy. Pregnancy tests will be positive since both the placenta develops and hcg is secreted in this process. Anembryonic pregnancy is treated by abortion or drug abortion.

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