What should be the frequency of doctor control during pregnancy?

What should be the frequency of doctor control during pregnancy?

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How to Check Doctor Frequency in Pregnancy

First, if your period is delayed by 10 days, urine
If your test is positive, it is time to make your first visit to the doctor.
means. A new era, a whole new life awaits you.

The first examination you will go with ultrasound
The location of the gestational sac is determined, internal or external pregnancy is understood. Need
blood tests, weight and other examinations
makes. Two weeks after your first visit, your baby's heart rate
you must go again to be seen. Baby heartbeat not yet seen
is checked again at the 7th week.

With 14th week, NT measurement of fetal nuchal translucency is done
a double test is also required. Growth evaluation is performed here.

Fetal anomaly screening is performed at 18 weeks and this time a triple or quadruple test
It is requested.

Fetal heart is examined at 22 weeks with doppler ultrasound.

50 grams of glucose per week.

By the next week, the patient is examined again and there is a blood mismatch.
is not checked. If there is a blood mismatch,
treatment, diabetes screening with sugar loading, blood count repetition and risk screening
Repetition is done. At the same time, indirect coombs test is requested and anti-D
(blood mismatch needle) is recommended.

re-examination and measurements at 32 to 34 weeks of pregnancy
makes. At 36 and 37 weeks, the mother is seen again. Following these weeks, it is no longer until the birthday
the mother should reduce her visits to doctors once a week. If your mother's day has passed,
He will have to visit his doctor once every 3 days. 42th week of birth
if it has not yet occurred, you will need to be hospitalized and delivery will be planned.

Two pregnancy is personal. Every woman has a different way of doing this pregnancy.
lives. Therefore, the above-mentioned controls, your
may be needed more often in your pregnancy. This may cause a risky pregnancy.
If you do not live is determined by your doctor. The pregnancy you are experiencing
risky, your doctor will
may want to see.

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