Vaccines to be given before pregnancy

Vaccines to be given before pregnancy

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Vaccines given to the expectant mother during pregnancy, the mother and the baby carried by the abdomen
Helps keep healthy.

Conducting during pregnancy
Recommended Vaccines

Hepatitis B Vaccine

If the mother is a carrier, it is absolutely necessary for her baby to be born after birth.
hepatitis B vaccine should be given after 12 hours at the latest. If the mother is a carrier,
There is a possibility of passing on to the baby during birth. But expectant mother
If not the father, the mother before birth
he should have this vaccine. Because this is the case of women whose wife has hepatitis b
There are risks of getting the disease. If you take this vaccine before your mother becomes pregnant.
If not, it should be done during pregnancy.

Flu Vaccine

The flu changes itself every year and renews it.
Therefore, vaccination should be taken every year for this self-renewing infection. Pregnant
a woman has no problem getting the flu vaccine. Breast-feeding
There is also no problem in having a flu vaccine in a woman of the period. This
After the vaccination, the person does not catch the flu in the year it is made. If upper breathing
This is completely coincidental.

Tetanus vaccine

If the mother has not had a tetanus vaccine before, during or during pregnancy
this vaccine should be given. If the woman is pregnant, the
in the second and third trimester.

If the expectant mother, tetanus vaccine before pregnancy
If 10 years have passed since the vaccination,
need not have. If 10 years have passed since the vaccination,
a single dose of vaccine should be given to the mother.

Tetanus, the risk of death in the first time of newborn babies
It is useful to take this vaccine very seriously.

Meningococcal Vaccine

This vaccine is given to the mother due to an epidemic of meningitis.
There is no harm to the mother and the baby, but both are very good

Hepatitis A

As a live virus vaccine every pregnancy
It is done.

Rabies Vaccine

If the expectant mother is bitten by a suspicious animal,
There is no problem in rabies vaccination. Too late in such a situation
the nearest health institution.

Never in Pregnancy
Vaccines that should not be given

Measles, chickenpox, mumps, rubella, BCG

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