Complaints after childbirth

Complaints after childbirth

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from birth
serious problems may occur immediately after. Therefore, a minimum of 24
The clock should remain under control. Blood pressure measurements should be done frequently and
bleeding should be checked.


Bleeding is the most prominent problem seen in puerperium. After normal birth,
More than 500 milliliters of bleeding is not normal. Most of it
serious cause is ÔÇťatoni.

The Aton,
after the birth of the uterus does not contract with the exposed vessels
is bleeding. This situation is very urgent and is life-threatening.

atony occurs in mothers who give birth in non-pregnant settings and emergency intervention
if not, the mother may die. Therefore, births at home
it is quite risky.


is another problem that puts the mother's life at risk. Baby's amniotic fluid,
mother passes into the bloodstream and from there to the lungs, organs such as the brain
the outgoing vessels are blocked. Unfortunately, the treatment is very difficult.


first 24 hours later, infections with fever appear in the mother's body.
It can rise up. Urinary tract and breast infection are the most common.
Most mothers also have intrauterine inflammation.

it occurs within the very first three days and the mother's fever can see 40 degrees.
Antibiotic with bed rest and abundant fluid support as treatment
is recommended.

Take Precaution

check your condition and vaginal discharge. An extreme situation is seen
call your doctor immediately.

the toilet
Then clean with clean water for one to two minutes. Not from back to front, from front to back
Take care to clean.

start to do small jobs in both your confidence
will increase and balance your blood circulation.

to drink, soften the feces and drink plenty of fluids.

washing the vagina during pregnancy is risky.

If you have given birth, your stitches will probably be on your right side.
Do not overload.

Wait 6 weeks to start the exercises after. And when you start,
avoid movements that will force your muscles to excessive.

after a while you will not have sex. It's normal for you to be reluctant.
Your sexual desire will return after 12 weeks. 25 days after delivery
There is no problem in having sexual intercourse.

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