4th month of pregnancy

4th month of pregnancy

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By the fourth month, the expectant mother
we see changes. Also in the fourth month, the mother's body
Beyond the changes it has experienced, it is the month of the first beautiful movement. your pregnancy
In the fourth month, your baby's movements are felt for the first time. Even during this period
very mother-to-be
I don't feel it. doktora

the period in which baby movements are felt, usually 17 weeks.
weeks, usually the fourth month. Baby in this period
movements begin to be felt. The mother expects it to be like a muscle twitch at first.
begins to feel the baby's strong arm and foot strokes.
In fact, even when the father put his hands on the mother's belly
movements can easily perceive.

what kind of development does your baby feel now
In the stage. In the fourth month, ie between 13 and 17.5 weeks
When we look at; The body is approximately the same size as the head,
is relatively shorter and the body is sideways.
We observe. But by the end of this month, our baby is
It is becoming a human model. So short arms are a little longer
The curtains on the fingers and hands are removed,
eyes are approaching the midline, brain tissue is developing rapidly and
From the beginning of the period is now starting to act more actively.
The movements that an adult can do while moving are almost
all of them, but especially the jump-shaped movement makes too much

In this period, the candidates begin to gradually come out. But some parents
candidates' bellies may come out much later. The expectant mother
Of course, there is another expectation of the baby when the ultrasound is entered
expectation of learning gender. Even female births baby's bone
mother who thinks they actually understand their gender from the structure
There are candidates. But of course this is not the case; clarify this topic
Let's get. Genital tubercle called and showing the genital structure of your baby
ultrasound performed before 15 weeks, since the structure matures at 15 weeks
the image should not rely on the sex said. However, 15.
the margin of error is still very small after weeks.

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