Crack cream after pregnancy

Crack cream after pregnancy

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Cracks after birth during pregnancy, the mother
candidates complain about. Emphasis on physical appearance
Giving women more problems this situation. As the date of birth approaches,
Changes in the skin through hormones also affect. Pregnancy
weight gain during certain periods of the body
cracks may occur.

Cracks in the belly area usually at the end of the pregnant process
and intense on the buttocks. The treatment of these cracks is different for different
treatment methods. The most common is the crevice cream after pregnancy.
and alternatively, there is one that is suitable for each woman's skin structure.

Over the hips, hips, abdomen, breasts and décolleté
The reason for this is that the skin is more fat tissue in these areas.

What is the treatment?

Breastfeeding and after pregnancy, especially breast
cracks in the upper part of the area, even with surgery
Can not be corrected. One of the areas that cannot be treated with surgical methods
the other is the cracks in the décolleté.

Usually 1-3 sessions are optional
according to. Stating that the session intervals are 1 month,
experts, at the desired density and depth per carbon dioxide laser
no effect. Said method, the technical characteristics of the region
due to the deeper layers of the skin. Success rate on this day
as it continues to increase.

Among the surgical methods that can be applied for stretch marks
Laser oil absorption is also included. Contact your doctor.
The method will be wrong behavior. For which treatment
understand that it fits your skin, to ensure maximum benefit, robust

Herbal remedy for cracks after pregnancy
Oils can be removed by cracks. Genuine olive oil,
apricot oil, cocoa butter, black seed oil, gentian oil, lemon balm oil and wheat
oil is one of these oils. One or all of the said oils in the same ratio
in a small bowl. It oils both skin
moisturizing as well as gaining flexibility.

We also talk about these oils, during pregnancy
levels of cracks that occur after pregnancy.
You can also reduce. Bathe with warm water while taking a shower and
You can massage the area where the cracks may occur with circular movements.

Almond and baby for newly formed and deep cracks
experts recommend the use of natural mixtures for both mother and baby.
he says he can't mind.

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