4-dimensional ultrasound

4-dimensional ultrasound

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Ultrasound devices
From the 1970s to the present time and medical pregnancy
period, an important part of our lives on behalf of the examination of babies
These devices produce a large amount of sound waves and these waves
it reaches the cells and then the sound that is reflected back from the cells
waves return to the screen, and the baby

Today, technology
with the development of the quality of the image seen in ultrasound equipment
4-dimensional ultrasound technology has started to be used.

What images like 4-dimensional ultrasound
You can see?

4-dimensional ultrasound
device early; Does the baby have missing fingers, the baby's gender, brain or
early detection of problems in the spinal cord, half-palate in the baby,
plays an important role in the determination of conditions such as cleft lip.

Known 2-D
Babies hand, toes with ultrasound equipment exactly
It can be seen. In addition, the nuchal thickness can be determined by measurement
Down syndrome can be learned with 4-dimensional ultrasound.
Therefore, today's baby's detailed examination and identification of diseases
4-dimensional ultrasound is preferred. Parents thanks to 4-dimensional ultrasound
Access to detailed photos of babies from 12 weeks
they have.

What is determined by 4-dimensional ultrasound?

- Baby development analysis

- A detailed description of multiple pregnancies like twin triplet pregnancy

- Determination of structural problems in the uterus

- Diagnosis of possible anomalies in placenta and infant

- Diagnosis of abnormal causes of bleeding

- Infant gender is earlier than usual
to determine

- Diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy

- Ovarian tumors, cysts, polyps or fibroids

What are the advantages of ultrasound over normal ultrasound?

Abnormal potential of babies and early
reducing the risks that may occur during pregnancy,
It helps raise awareness of parents against any surprises. Pregnancy
determines the interventions that should be performed either after the birth and
treatments. On the other hand to watch the baby's movements in the womb, the baby for the first time
This is an important condition for parents who are
happiness to candidates, psychologically
support. 4-dimensional ultrasound with babies in detail
parents who are able to monitor can establish emotional ties with their babies.

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