Postpartum headache

Postpartum headache

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it is not usual to experience immediate headaches in the days following.
It is even so that in the pre-pregnancy mothers, even if there is a migraine
then headache is unlikely. Pregnancy at the same time
This migraine repeats months after birth while showing relief
It can begin. As mentioned
postpartum headache is not a normal condition and
should take this into consideration,
You should apply.

What causes post-natal headache?

epidural anesthesia after the birth of mothers after headache
triggers. In general, expectant mothers should be
epidural anesthesia as a cause of headache
They are born. With epidural anesthesia
deliveries are by regional numbness. In such births
the mother because of intensive anesthesia and interventions with the brain
leakage occurs in the spinal fluid. Because of this infiltration
pressure in the brain shows a decrease in this case makes headaches.

anesthetized mothers usually headache in the supine position
when passed, it is the kind of lightening. For example;
if the mother moves from the supine position to the sitting position,
headaches occur because it increases the negative pressure in the brain. Lots of fluids in mothers suffering from headaches
and pains to rest
Relieves. However, if a headache does not disappear,
treatment should be requested.

Another cause of headache in postpartum period is the 'dural sinus'
thrombosis' is a kind of pain called. These pains cause more serious conditions
It is. This condition can also be seen during pregnancy, after birth
the highest levels. Dural sinus thrombosis pain; eye
edema and epileptic seizures, paralysis.
emerges. Doctors who have headaches
recommends diluting drugs. This
therefore, mothers with headaches should immediately consult a doctor and
they should be treated according to the size of their ailments.

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