All Details About Beta Hcg Values

All Details About Beta Hcg Values

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Beta Hcg Values ​​by Week
Three weeks5-130
4th week75-2.600
5th week850-20.800
6th week4.000-100.200
7/12. week11.5000-289.000
13/16. week18.300-137.000
17/24 weeks1.400-53.000
25/40 weeks940-60.000

What is Beta Hcg?

Beta Hcg, desired pregnancy suspicion one of the most common assays. The assay can be performed by taking blood or by using a urine sample. Beta Hcg test in blood is preferred more by doctors because of its rapid and accurate results.

What is the Function of Hcg Hormone?

Women cannot produce this hormone under normal conditions. It is the cells around the embryo that produce the Hcg hormone. The hormone maintains the secretion of the hormone progesterone secreted from the ovaries, allowing the embryo to be embedded in the inner wall of the uterus.

Pre-pregnancy Beta Hcg Values

After conception, Beta Hcg hormone begins to secrete. This hormone, a week after fertilization, blood above normal levels.

Important information: Beta Hcg levels in the blood of non-pregnant women are seen as “0.1- 0.001…… A higher Beta Hcg level above 10 means that pregnancy is positive. Beta Hcg value that exceeds a certain amount in the blood also occurs in the urine.

Hcg Test in IVF

Final stage of IVF treatment, transfer of the embryo into the uterus. Some time after this transfer, a pregnancy test is performed and the outcome of the treatment is observed. After a long and exciting wait for families, the result will be determined by this test after egg development and drug treatments.

In vitro fertilization is performed 12 days after the embryo is transferred into the uterus. Tests carried out before 12 days will not provide reliable and clear information.

Beta Hcg values ​​will guide you in determining the estimated pregnancy time. However, if you are wondering whether there are twin or triple pregnancies or the exact week of pregnancy, ultrasound examination by your obstetrician is much more important. More detailed information about pregnancy can be obtained after ultrasound analysis.

Beta-Hcg levels can be detected higher than expected in multiple pregnancies and cases of molar pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancy, in case of empty pregnancy sac without embryo development, in case of wrong calculation of pregnancy date Beta-Hcg values ​​appear to be lower than the calculated value.

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