Menstrual symptoms after pregnancy

Menstrual symptoms after pregnancy

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After pregnancy, the body of women
way back to the scheme that you can become pregnant every month. In life, 35-40 years
menstrual periods are seen. The periods mentioned in the life of women
it only changes in two different periods. One of these periods is pregnancy and the other
breastfeeding period. The reason for not having menstrual period is pituitary.
It is cloth. Ensures that the pituitary gland, ovaries and brain are dominant
suppresses the menstrual cycle.

What are the reasons?

The period of onset of menstrual bleeding of the mothers who give birth,
breastfeeding is proportional to the duration of the baby. Postpartum and nursing
menstruation begins later in women. However, breastfeeding
In mothers, it is sooner to enter the menstrual period. Meanwhile, women
bleeding is not menstrual bleeding. This bleeding is called loşia. Normal
menstruation and last at the beginning of the postpartum period
bleeding, first red, then pink, brown and finally yellow
It happens. If breastfeeding still persists after the end of the Loşia hemorrhage,
menstrual period is entered later. The reason for breastfeeding period, the body
secreted hormones. Menstrual bleeding usually occurs after birth 8.
and Week 16. However, as long as breastfeeding continues,
women vary according to their structure. May be extended to 18 months.

In new mothers who do not breast-feed,
then menstrual bleeding can occur between 4-8 weeks. Lying in this period
irregularities are the frequency of breastfeeding, infant feeding and breastfeeding.
is also proportional to the duration.

The duration of menstrual irregularity after the postpartum period
extension means going to a doctor who specializes in the field.

Mothers who breastfeed their babies after pregnancy
delay of bleeding is normal. The reason is that the baby suckles the mother and
by stimulating the nipples, the milk-producing hormone prolactin hormone
level is increased. Increased levels of prolactin hormone follicle
prevents the secretion of hormones that provide growth. Development of babies
follicles have a
It passes. The baby usually sucked 5 times a day for 10 minutes, ovulation
is enough to prevent menstrual bleeding.

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