Heartburn during pregnancy

Heartburn during pregnancy

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Almost all expectant mothers complain of pregnancy stomach
It is burning.
Heartburn may seem like a discomfort at the beginning but continuity
may cause significant problems.

Stomach during pregnancy
What is the reason for burning?

Increased hormones during pregnancy and uterus
compression of the stomach is made with growth. This press; stomach pain, heartburn and
Causes stomach burns.
The entrance of the stomach where the stomach and esophagus meet with the effect of hormone increase
begins to relax. In this way, the stomach acid passes into the esophagus and goes up
thus, a burning sensation occurs in the stomach, ie reflux.

Individuals who complain of reflux, this disease 'mouth painful water
These complaints in terms of the application of uterine compression
increases in the last months of pregnancy. Complaints and stomach
burning may also occur before bitter water comes into the mouth.

Some expectant mothers have been in pregnancy before or during pregnancy.
problems with gastritis and ulcers, as well as complaints of souring and burning.
It can be named.

The following points will explain the application and antacid
syrups and so on. Despite the use of medications, persistent stomach pain and burning
should guide you, for a thorough examination of a gastroenterology
specialist. Among people in our country, such stomach
Burning complaints, the baby's hair is tired and such beliefs are unfounded.

Heartburn and
How can you relieve pain? What precautions can you take?

1- You should not overload your stomach. Eat a lot in one sitting
instead, you should eat often but less. Make sure you have your dinner at 20:00 at the latest.

2- A warm milk when you have complaints of heartburn,
can relieve combustion.

3- Over-fat, fry, spicy foods burn your stomach
Increases. Avoid such heavy meals.

4- Do not choose tight clothes.

5- Absolutely no smoking
Do not consume.

6- Do not overdo coffee consumption.

7-While sleeping, be sure to use high pillows.

8- Use only acid-relieving medicines recommended by your doctor.

care for what you eat during your period of great importance for your health
It carries. Even though you take your precautions and pay attention to what you eat
If you do not resolve your complaints, please consult your doctor. your complaint
Never extend the time. Remember,
your baby will be in good health as much as you care about your health.

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