Does pregnancy poisoning recur?

Does pregnancy poisoning recur?

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Pregnancy poisoning
There is no
and with blood pressure rise
is a characterized condition. Pregnancy poisoning high blood pressure in the body
edema, high in urine
amount of protein excretion
Mild pregnancy
blood pressure in poisoning
Around 140/90 mmHg
Watch. Mild protein excretion in urine
low level of pregnancy poisoning.
Severe pregnancy
In case of poisoning
More than 2 grams of protein is discarded. In severe poisoning, blood pressure is above 160/110 mmHg. It is high in urine
excretion of protein,
increase in liver tests, platelet amount
decline, chronic headache, visual impairment
and liver
pain in the area
findings may also accompany.

Mild pregnancy poisoning cases
mother and baby close a
is monitored with. Blood pressure lowering treatment can be started while monitoring blood values. If the baby is thought to live outside
and if the symptoms are severe, delivery is delayed. In cases of severe pregnancy poisoning
while mother
magnesium treatment. After the birth, the mother's continuous follow-up in the intensive care unit
takes. Mild pregnancy
poisoning, treatment possible
intoxication, severe pregnancy intoxication
You can put.

Is pregnancy poisoning repeated?

candidate for poisoning
repeating weight
It should give. Twin pregnancies and weight gain during the first weeks of pregnancy
is also effective in repetition. Balanced
and adequate nutrition, avoid stress as much as possible, healthy
a sleep pattern and normal limits
to gain weight in pregnancy
recurrence of poisoning
It is important.
Poisoning in a previous pregnancy
Pregnant women who have experienced blood pressure
regular follow-up and blood tests
taking out

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