Chest pain during pregnancy

Chest pain during pregnancy

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Breast changes during pregnancy
he lives. If you are curious about the cause of these pain and ways to alleviate it
we recommend that you read the full article.

Causes of chest pain in pregnancy

The change in your breasts is the first sign of your pregnancy.
Shows. During this period, breasts show growth and breast sensitivity increases.
From the first month of pregnancy to the second month
pain reaches the highest level and rips from the breasts at 38 weeks of gestation
begins to come. While these changes continue until the end of your pregnancy,
Your baby will come until your first breastfeeding moment.
Your chest puffiness and pain, progesterone and estrogen hormones
blood in your breasts during pregnancy.
It is caused by oil storage.
At the end of storage, you start to secrete milk. With the increase of these hormones
chest pain in the first weeks of pregnancy because there are changes in the chest together
Your nipples will also grow
It can show. This may be uncomfortable, but your baby's breast
end of the tip is useful.
Another condition that occurs in the breast during pregnancy
vascularization. These vascularization of a healthy formation
heralds this change because you can easily give fluids and nutrients to your baby.
are for you to move.

How can you relieve your chest pains?

For a metamorphosis in your chest, wear a bra suitable for your pregnancy.
Thus, wearing a supportive bra to your breasts
you can alleviate your pain. Similarly, relieve your pain at night
For, you can sleep by wearing a bra.

If this happens and you
if not, wear cotton sports bras. For your chest
If you provide the necessary support, it will likely relieve your pain and
you will feel more comfortable.

Other ways to alleviate your chest pain
has. For example; use larger or elastic bras that are larger than your size
will relax you. If none of these techniques work

To relieve your chest pain listed above
techniques will help you to have a painless pregnancy period.

In case of sustained chest pain and pains
We recommend that you see a specialist. Your pains come that big day
will break. Until then, you should be patient and try to alleviate your pain.
You can apply.

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