Flu in pregnancy

Flu in pregnancy

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Most of the mothers in the winter months of pregnancy
one is the colds. Although the flu appears to be a simple infection
there may be situations that pose a risk to your pregnancy. So every
As you care about the discomfort, please take care of the flu.

What is a cold?

The infection of the upper respiratory tract is called a cold.
It is known as the cold throat. The same understanding as the common cold
Another disease that comes from the cold. Influenza viral infections of the upper respiratory tract
And discomfort.

What are the symptoms of flu?

Cold; nasal congestion, sneezing, runny nose
Redness, sore throat and burning, cough shows symptoms such as. This
complaints; high fever, phlegm, severe headache, and more than a week
If you take more than necessarily you should see your doctor.

What can you do for the flu to pass?

Disorders such as colds and flu due to viral infection
it does not include a specific drug treatment. Antibiotic therapy viral infections
therefore it is not used for the treatment of such diseases. Already very
the use of antibiotics unless you need to do more harm than good.
Especially unconscious antibiotic use during pregnancy and your baby
may present a life-threatening situation for For this reason
When you're consumed plenty of liquid, you should rest. You must surely tell your doctor
consultation; antipyretics, antitussives, nasal sprays or
You can get vitamin supplements.

How can you avoid flu during pregnancy?

Infection found in the air
transmitted through droplets. Infections inhale people with flu
air is mixed with the air. When an unwell patient breathes this air
infection. Airborne respiratory
The disease can also be transmitted by hand contact. Therefore, during pregnancy, airless closed areas and crowded places
you must avoid.

Another way to avoid flu
washing hands frequently. Other than that, you can purify yourself from stress,
good to take, plenty of vitamins containing fruits and vegetables to consume
is of great importance for You can be protected from diseases such as influenza by vaccination
however, you will not be able to get any vaccines to catch a cold.

Influenza during pregnancy
Is there a risk for?

Your flu is heavier and serious like pneumonia
disease, it does not pose a danger to your baby. Good rest this
it helps to overcome the disease slightly. During this period, sneezing, coughing, etc.
no risk.

As we have mentioned, catarrh is an infectious disease and therefore
from infectious environments.
you need to stay away. As with all the disorders during pregnancy
and care to come, while you feel the need for medication necessarily
You should consult your doctor.

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