Pregnancy poisoning during pregnancy

Pregnancy poisoning during pregnancy

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Most worried about expectant mothers during pregnancy
one of the conditions is preeclampsia, pregnancy poisoningd. Symptoms that show you in such situations
in the light of time, but the worries aside and time passes
your doctor.

What is this pregnancy poisoning?

Contrary to popular belief, this condition has little to do with poisoning.
blood pressure seen in mothers during pregnancy
The rise. Pregnancy poisoning, edema in the feet, hands and face
is a discomfort that shows a lot of protein excretion in the urine.

Pregnancy poisoning; mild pregnancy poisoning and severe
It is divided into 2 as pregnancy poisoning.

Pregnancy poisoning:
In such cases
your blood pressure level is about 14 to 9 data. Protein in your urine
your pulse is mild.

Severe pregnancy poisoning: This
In cases more than two grams of protein excretes in the urine. This is permanent
headache, liver pain and increase in function test, visual impairment,
a decrease in platelet counts.
In severe pregnancy, blood pressure is 16 to 11 and above.

How can you understand poisoning?

Blood pressure measurement in determining pregnancy poisoning
is of great importance. In addition, blood test, urine
analysis, diagnosis of pregnancy intoxication by eye examination
You can provide.

Who risk pregnancy poisoning

· - Having a first pregnancy
expectant mothers

· - Mothers over 35

· - Previous
expectant mothers who experience pregnancy poisoning during pregnancy

· - Person already exists
with hypertension

· - Previously seen in the family
pregnancy intoxication mothers

· - Previous pregnancies
infant death, growth retardation and so on. expectant mothers of things

· - Plural as twin pregnancy
expectant mothers

· - Diabetes - Type 1 diseases
expectant mothers

· - Renal diseases
expectant mothers

· - Obesity or excess weight
prospective mothers

· - Immune system
mothers with impaired or weakness

· - Mother with coagulation disorder

Pregnancy poisoning incidence

Pregnancy poisoning occurs in 5 or 10 of all pregnant women
is a discomfort that can be seen in one. A common type of
Although the inconvenience of mothers
3 of 4 are mild and 1 of 4 are severe.

This disease is not related to young age, but is linked to older motherhood.

If you are seen at a young age 'first pregnancy'

Your blood pressure is elevated and
If you complain of symptoms, surely you should see your doctor. Your health and
Care for your baby, smile happily to life.

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