What to do for your child's eye health

What to do for your child's eye health

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Regular eye examinations in children aged 2 to 4 years are of great importance for early diagnosis. Liv Hospital Eye Diseases Specialist Op. Dr. Bekir Sıtkı Aslan warns preschool teachers and their families to be careful about this issue:

Öncesi Pre-school teachers have a lot to do to improve their vision in children. In childhood, uncorrected refraction defects result in lazy eye. Children's visual defects are identified and measures are taken. ”

Pre-school teachers have a big task

Preschool teachers have a big task to detect the problem early. Observing children's behavior, teachers are the first link in the referral chain to enable doctors to make early diagnosis.

Watch out if you have these symptoms!

• Watching TV closely • Holding objects close to his / her eyes • Slipping his / her eyes blankly • Holding his / her head tilted all the time • Frequent rubbing of his / her eyes • Sensitivity to light • Hand-eye and body coordination • Color pictures - puzzle if they refrain from performing other procedures requiring attention, children should be taken to an ophthalmologist.

Early diagnosis can get rid of the eye

In childhood, uncorrected refractive errors result in lazy eye. Lazy eyes cause a decrease in perception. School success and adaptation to life are limited. Early identification of children's visual characteristics may allow early correction of eye defects. Early detection of other visual impairments is also possible.

Listen to suggestions

• For hand-eye coordination: - Encourage friends and family to throw and hold a ball. books - cutting and pasting.

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