Is your child jealous of your brother?

Is your child jealous of your brother?

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Psychologist Eda Gökduman said, endiş There is a fear that the throne is shaken with the arrival of a brother during childhood and that everything will not be the same again. In order to control this anxiety, parents and others need to make them feel that nothing has changed and that it is still special and important for them. ”

Jealousy of a child's brother can be described as a natural feeling. Every individual may want to be special, to be first, to be a priority, to be preferred, to be liked. Control of these emotions can sometimes be difficult for a person, even if they are siblings. Rather than seeing this feeling as a problem, it is to teach how to deal with this feeling and how to behave as a parent. In this jealousy, intense feelings of anger towards the brother are evident. It is manifested by being alone, introverted, constant anger and intense conflicts with the idea that he is more in the foreground, he is loved more, everything he wants is done, he is thrown into second plan, he is unfair and he is no longer making love.

In childhood, the throne is shaken by the arrival of the brother and the worry is that everything will not be the same anymore. In order to be able to control this anxiety, parents and other people should make them feel that nothing has changed and that it is still special and important for them with their behaviors and speeches. Feeling this, the child will relax and be able to control all feelings of hostility towards his brother.

Prenatal Measures

- Before the baby is born, parents should be able to create special times during the day. My mother loves me, my father loves me and needs to be able to feel the thought of caring for me.
- Before the baby comes to the world, not to make your child the center of the world, not to depend on it, always to accustom to your being. It is important not to do everything you want. "You are important to me, but sometimes I have to limit you, this has nothing to do with my love for you" message you should teach before you come to the sister world. This does not apply to a child before 3 years of age. Because this age child does not yet have sufficient mental skills and behavioral control to get this information.
- A child after 3 years of age can be sent to kindergarten before the baby is born. (half day or full day)
- Behavior for a child before the age of 3 is to make you feel that you love him very much, to behave harmoniously without being too much of a struggle with his stubbornness.
- After the mother's belly becomes apparent, doing the works of loving the baby is to keep her physically close and touch her. You need to tell her about what your brother means and you need to make a connection between them emotionally.
- Before his brother is born, you should take care to shop at a level that can attract more of his attention.
- You must have already separated the bed and the room before her brother is born.
- It is necessary to share what awaits the family after the birth, what is the duty of everyone and what the spouses want from each other. This will ensure that future problems are already under control.

Postnatal Precautions

- As the time of birth approaches, it is important that the mother is not made to feel the increased fatigue and anxiety of the child. It should be shown that everything is normal in this period, as it may lead to the idea that all this is due to the future brother.
- The rushes and changes in life (preparation of rooms, relocation of goods, new guests, choosing the hospital, going to the hospital) can create tension in the child.
- It is necessary to be with a person he trusts in the hospital garden (preferably the father) and not to be in the hospital during the birth.
- It will be beneficial to have a meeting with the mother after the mother has relaxed after the birth. (this period should not be kept too long and the necessary explanation should be made.)
- At the moment of the first comparison with his brother to be in his own bed, the baby will be a little bit of comfort.
- The hospital room should not be too crowded and people not familiar with the child should not be inside as much as possible.
- When the mother comes to breastfeeding, she should take care to keep the baby in one arm and in the same proximity. While breastfeeding takes place on the one hand, it will make her happy to have a chat with her.
- When you come home, you can work together to place the baby and new things in her room.
- When the mother takes care of the baby, the father should play games together on the playground as before. After the end of breastfeeding change of task should be made, with the fun activities with the mother in fact nothing has changed to make him feel.
- During the transition to sleep, it is necessary to act according to the task distribution planned before the birth.
- When babies are loved, we can inevitably use cute words and pass them on, and you should make sure that you and the other guests do not do this, and that there is no excessive love.

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