Pay attention to sexually transmitted diseases!

Pay attention to sexually transmitted diseases!

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The easing of travels between countries and having more sexuality leads to a big increase in the occurrence of diseases that pass through this way. Urology Specialist at Anadolu Medical Center Dr. View Yalçın's Full Profile 5- 5-6 percent of patients admitted to our urology clinic come from sexually transmitted diseases, ”he says. Professor Dr. Ilker also emphasized that the incidence of these diseases increased in the summer months. Because people travel more often in the summer and have sexual intercourse with new partners, there is an explosion in diseases transmitted through this way. Devam

There are dozens of diseases…

So what diseases are sexually transmitted? Professor Dr. İlker's answer to this question is, var There are dozens of diseases transmitted in this way, and each one has different symptoms, diagnosis and treatment ”. However, it is possible to make a classification according to the incidence. Urethritis is one of the most common diseases. Dr. İlker continues:
“Especially urethritis caused by gonorrhea and chlamydia germs are very common. This disease manifests itself in the discharge. Urine is painful and causes frequent urination. The diagnosis is not difficult and the patient feels compelled to go to the doctor. Because it's uncomfortable. After sexual intercourse, complaints start from three days to 20 days. ”
In order to diagnose, it is necessary to take samples from the current and make analyzes. If this is difficult for the patient, it is possible to apply simpler methods. One of them is the method of taking samples from the patient's first urine and determining the germs by DNA analysis. Antibiotics are used in treatment after this method can be done in ASM.
The second most common disease is Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). The diagnosis of HPV, which caused much controversy because of the vaccine, was made by physical examination. Dr. İlker says:
“While HPV was a rare disease group in previous years, it has boomed all over the world in recent years. The disease manifests itself in both men and women with lesions on the genitals, such as warts and small cauliflower. ”
This disease is especially important in women because of the risk of causing cancer. There are around 20 species of HPV and some of them that cause cancer, Professor. Dr. Ilker says the lesions have been cauterized or surgically removed, while the smaller ones can be treated with medication.
Herpes, herpes, is a common sexually transmitted disease. The diagnosis of the disease, which occurs with painful lesions on the genitalia, is made through the presence of these lesions. Professor Dr. İlker, “The incidence of herpes is increasing today with the treatment of special medicated creams and medicines,” he says.

Aids, Hepatitis B And C

In addition, there are diseases that can only be diagnosed by blood tests, although they are sexually transmitted. The most common are Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and AIDS. “These three diseases do not have any signs from today to tomorrow Prof.. Dr. Ilker warns that at least six weeks must pass before the blood test in AIDS is positive, and that the test result carries a risk of becoming positive for up to six months. So having a blood test once after questionable sexual intercourse is not the solution. It is necessary to repeat this test in the long run. The same situation is valid for Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C. Dr. İlker continues:
“Hepatitis can manifest themselves with jaundice. But it takes years to wait for symptoms in AIDS. The treatment is even more difficult after symptoms appear. Early diagnosis is more important for AIDS than Hepatitis B and C. Because, if diagnosed early, AIDS is no longer a deadly disease thanks to medications. ”
Syphilis, one of the oldest known diseases, is still on the list. Syphilis, one of the most serious causes of death prior to the discovery of penicillin and causing brain damage, has become rare due to the fact that its tests are among the prenatal routine tests and the treatment is facilitated with antibiotics. Professor Dr. İlker said, sonra After intercourse, a wound occurs on the genitals. This wound is typical and the disease is identified when seen. ”

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