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Everything about skin care!

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It is gratifying for some to be embracing a new year and frightening for others. Usually after the thirties, we begin to make many decisions for our lives at the beginning of each new year. Looking better, living healthier, being happier, being weak .s

People who listen to themselves and who value their lives start to invest in themselves or they want to start. This start usually involves many decisions regarding the appearance of a new diet program, such as skin care practices.

Memorial Etiler Medical Center Dermatology Department Uz. Dr. Contact Zerrin directly gave information about what to do to make the right care for our skin in the new year.

To look young and beautiful or to stay young all the time, you should seek the help of a dermatologist. Because:

• If there is premature skin aging due to skin dryness or excessive lubrication; you will prevent them with suitable product recommendation. Losses of expensive products are reduced and the ideal treatment for skin type is provided. If you have allergic or sensitive skin, you can also learn about the need for special products.

• If your skin is older than it is, it will not be difficult to regress to 5-10 years ago with botox, vitamins and collagen injections to be injected under the skin, peeling treatment to be applied to the face and body. These treatments, even exaggerated or horrible to the person in appropriate hands, appropriate doses, will create miraculous results to the appropriate people. It will make one feel good and also be motivated to stay young.

• Unconscious applications for weight or cellulite problems can sometimes cause more harm to the patient. In order to get the right program, the age, weight, fat ratio, lifestyle, drug allergies and whether or not they have heirs are very important. There is no uniform treatment approach to these problems. The appropriate protocol for everyone should be evaluated with expert opinion. Some benefit from mesotherapy, some should exercise, some may be suitable for cavitation, while others may need a different treatment.

• Looking young and weak, having a smooth skin is everyone's passion. The other most important cosmetic concern is getting rid of hair. Not all hair types can be eradicated. The person's skin and hair color, hair thickness or internal problems are particularly important factors in response to laser epilation treatments. Especially as the popularity of programs sold on internet sites increases, unsuccessful treatment results increase. Programs purchased without seeing or interviewing often result in money thrown away. Decisions that you make without consulting the expert can result in losses for both your health and your money. All of this could set off the New Year's enthusiasm.

• Many solutions have been developed for those who have problems with skin spots or acne or acne scars. Both drug treatments, laser or peeling treatments will contribute to a person's better appearance and sometimes completely to pass the problem. When entering a new year, it is essential to be determined and consult a dermatologist to find out if the problem is cured.

• Thanks to advancing technology, the point reached is near perfect. Sometimes, without the use of technology, small simple applications and the results to be obtained with the detection can make people very happy. Be sure to start implementing the decisions taken in the new year in consultation with your specialist.

Upset. Dr. Contact Zerrin directly

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