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Should you make your child a sibling?

Should you make your child a sibling?

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Should your child be a brother?

The decision of a second child is one of the most difficult decisions of parents. Social and economic conditions on the one hand and the desire not to leave the child without a brother on the other. Psychologist. Beam Flux “If the family has the opportunity, they should be siblings. Erek He shares his thoughts on the subject.

: - Today, the number of families with one child is increasing. What are the disadvantages?
Dr. Beam Flux When children grow up in an environment surrounded by adults, single children may have difficulty in establishing social relationships with their peers. It has the ability to play alone or with the adult. The game alone does not enrich its experience. He just spends time. Many things in the family can feel pressure just to be expected from him.

: - What are the points to be considered when raising single children?
Dr. Beam Flux
- Every wishes should not be made. In the future it can be unhappy, insatiable and moody.
- Your expectations should match her age and personal characteristics.
- Do not let him live, feelings of guilt and inability.Give enough, give reward.
Since there is no other child model, we can expect ”great behavior”.
We may have caused him to come into the world, but he doesn't have to bear the same characteristics as us. Or we ignore DNA, heredity.

: - Should the child have a brother?
Dr. Beam Flux If the family has the opportunity to be brothers and siblings. needs parents and elders to solve their problems.

: - How many ages should you notice?
Dr. Beam Flux The age difference must be 3-4.

: - What are the advantages of being a brother?
Dr. Beam Flux
- Children know their secrets, learn the rules.
- Learns equality from parents.
- Socialize, share, get angry, compete, learn the solution.
- 3. learn to defend himself against his brother.
- Provides features of emotional development.

: - Are there any disadvantages?
Dr. Beam Flux Jealousy when you are not treated equally, a feeling that they love my brother more occurs. He is no longer the only focal point and ruler of the house. Financial opportunities are divided. Comparison can be. Social and emotional development cannot be achieved.

: - How does a new sibling affect the child's psychology?
Dr. Beam Flux The new brother is a new concept, a person. He'il share with him everything he hasn't. He can be angry because he doesn't want everything he wants. I wonder who they love more at home… sense develops. He may be withdrawn, unable to express himself enough. Delaying her needs can create anger.

: - What are the points that parents should pay attention to to prevent jealousy of siblings?
Dr. Beam Flux
- Listen to him.
- Be objective.
- Do not allow excessive interest and protection of family elders.
- You decide the alternatives, let him decide.
- Be consistent, stable.
- Make him feel confident that he should trust himself.
- Highlight strengths, beautiful aspects.
- Buy as much as possible equivalent clothes, toys, etc., as much as possible.
- Use the same appeal. My son, my baby, my beautiful daughter, my child and so on.

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