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Nowadays, a symposium is held at Ankara University. The theme of the symposium is youth and children's literature. In the symposium, both academics and writers discuss youth and children's literature in all aspects and seek solutions to their problems. Fazıl Hüsnü Dağlarca, Gülten Dayıoğlu, Muzaffer İzgü to Yalvaç Ural. I hope you enjoy the books I have chosen and you will share them with your child. Here are our books…

Can I Eat Red?

Written and Illustrated by: Ülkü Ovat, Ümit Öğmel
KÖK Publishing
Age Group: Preschool

Blue wanted a white one.
White, yellow;
Yellow, brown;
Orange, green;
He wanted green, red…

This book tells colors with a cute story and contributes to the development of color concept of preschool children. She tries to develop the children's imagination with her lovely paintings.

Aslı is waiting for the market

Written By: Gülçin Alpöge
Illustrated by Huban Korman
Daylight Library
Age Group: Preschool

“Time olan, one of the abstract concepts that preschool children find it difficult to perceive, is successfully told in the story of a little girl waiting for Sunday to go to sea. Drinking milk, cardigan worn, food eaten in this period, such as children's life with items, playing, running, measuring the height of the very good movements, such as “time” concept is taught by concrete. Various repetitions of sound such as teak rings and flapping hands will entertain the little readers and reinforce the concepts of day and night. It is a preschool book with beautiful paintings, elaborate prints, high visual appeal, interesting and successful expression.

Am I Dirty?

Written By: Aygören Dirim
Illustrated by Beril Halis
Esin Publications
Age Group: Preschool

While observing the physical differences such as hair color, skin color, eye color and being conscious of being different, various emotions are experienced. Describing this period of the little girl named Ömür, the story includes messages of self-recognition, acceptance of differences and positive approach to them. Ömür who wants to look like people who resolve their differences, eventually learns to see the good sides of being different. A picture book that will guide children to positive perspectives in the period when identity awareness develops.

Utilized resources:
Çoluk Children's Journal, issue 48, 2005.

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