Attention to hypertension during pregnancy!

Attention to hypertension during pregnancy!

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There are many issues that mothers should pay attention to during pregnancy. One of them is high blood pressure seen in pregnancy. Acıbadem Hospital Bakırköy Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Dr. Contact Hakan directly Bağlı Pregnancy-related hypertension is more common in pregnancies under the age of 20 or over 35, first and multiple pregnancies, and diabetes, ”she warns mothers.

: What is the main reason for high blood pressure during pregnancy?
Professor Dr. Contact Hakan directly The disease called ek Preeclampsia arasında, which is defined as ebelik Pregnancy Poisoning arasında among the people, is generally defined by the rise of blood pressure, that is, hypertension, protein loss in the urine and edema due to them. “Pregnancy Poisoning aras is among the most dangerous events that can be seen in this period. However, not all elevation of blood pressure is related to pregnancy.

: Blood pressure rises for what other reasons?
Professor Dr. Contact Hakan directly For example, in some cases of renal diseases, adrenal gland diseases, thyroid diseases or chronic hypertension, blood pressure may increase, regardless of pregnancy. These patients often have high blood pressure before pregnancy. Therefore, it is thought that this type of chronic hypertension problem may be present in the blood pressure heights that are found before the 20th week of pregnancy or continue for more than 6 weeks after birth.

: Who has hypertension in pregnancy and why?
Professor Dr. Contact Hakan directly Pregnancy-related hypertension is more common in pregnancies under the age of 20 or over 35, first pregnancies, multiple pregnancies and diabetes. Although there is no definite information about the cause, the events between the mother and vascularization of the eş child spouse verilen called “placenta” are held responsible. Among the findings, edema develops due to fluid retention in the body and is normal up to a certain level during pregnancy, especially in the feet. However, it is not considered normal if the edema starts and percentages start in the morning and continue throughout the day, causing rapid weight gain within a few days.

: In which situations should you pay attention?
Professor Dr. Contact Hakan directly The maximum blood pressure limit in a pregnant woman is 140/90 mmHg. Caution should be exercised if this limit is reached or if there is a 30 mmHg increase in large blood pressure and 15 mmHg increase in small blood pressure. Blood pressure measurement should be repeated after resting for a certain period of time. In cases of increased blood pressure, urine should be checked for protein loss. However, it is not necessary to see protein in the urine at every high blood pressure.

: What are the effects of hypertension?
Professor Dr. Contact Hakan directly Pregnancy-related hypertension may be mild or severe. In severe cases, the life of the child and the mother is in serious danger. The amount of fluid in the child is reduced and developmental delay is seen. Consequently, the probability of child deaths increases in the womb. In addition, life-threatening events develop in the mother. Among these, early separation of the spouse and related bleeding, hemorrhage due to clotting disorders, kidney disorders, cerebral hemorrhage, spasms similar to epilepsy called eclampsia and liver ruptures are the most severe and fatal events expected.

: What should be done in case of hypertension?
Professor Dr. Contact Hakan directly When pregnancy-related high blood pressure is detected, the patient is first taken to rest and the treatments that control the blood pressure are regulated. If developmental retardation is detected in the child, it is tried to be monitored with the necessary treatments until the child can live outside under hospital conditions and delivery is performed according to the appropriate timing. Maternal life-threatening situations, in the absence of control of blood pressure, kidney and liver functions start to deteriorate, the number of blood cells called platelets in the severe reduction, in the event of blood destruction, lung edema develops, eclampsia in case of contractions should be taken into account should be considered. Otherwise, the mother may be lost.

: What are your recommendations for expectant mothers with high blood pressure?
Professor Dr. Contact Hakan directly In order to catch and treat such a disease and other diseases related to pregnancy in the early period, it is essential that each pregnant be followed up by a doctor at certain time intervals. The examinations and examinations carried out in terms of both mother and child are aimed at the healthy completion of a pregnancy. First of all, abnormalities and disabilities found in the child are detected and its development is monitored. In the meantime, pregnancy-related diseases that may develop in the mother are tried to be prevented and at the same time the mother is educated and informed about pregnancy and birth. For these reasons, as a physician, we recommend that mothers keep their controls without interruption.

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